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Farrah Abraham has pleaded not guilty to DUI following her arrest earlier this year, during which she refused a field sobriety test and also got popped for disorderly conduct.

This was before the Farrah Abraham sex tape saga went down.

Farrah Abraham Drinking

The Teen Mom star's attorney was in court Monday morning to enter a not guilty plea to all charges - DUI, refusal to take a field test and disorderly conduct.

Police say Farrah blew a .147, nearly twice the legal limit.

She's due in court May 31, and it could be a wild show, given the girl's almost unparalleled propensity for making excuses and not taking responsibility.

Her lame excuses for the DUI arrest include (we kid not):

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A baby girl was left on the beach and was found crying in the sand in Hawaii right after she was born, but mercifully, she was saved by another woman.

Hawai i

The full-term, eight-pound newborn was "abandoned immediately after birth," state Department of Human Services Director Patricia McManaman said.

A woman parked at Sandy Beach in East Honolulu sometime between 11-12 p.m. Sunday heard several people screaming, police said.

Then the screaming stopped and the woman heard a baby crying.

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Over the past few days, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have teased a rekindled relationship, spending time together in Europe and posting various photos on Instagram.

But now Gomez has gone ahead and teased something in her professional life:

The upcoming music video for "Come & Get It."

"We kind of did an earth, water, fire thing," Selena told Ryan Seacrest of the shoot. "It was great, it was really very organic."

And the full version will be available soon. But check out this 37-second teaser now and sound off on the artist's new single:

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An Indian Guinness World Record holder attempted to cross a river with only his ponytail attaching him to a wire. He died attempting the stunt.

Sailendra Nath Roy, 48, suffered a heart attack as hundreds watches.

Ponytail Stunt

In March 2011, Roy, a police driver by trade, was named a Guinness World Record holder for travellng the farthest distance on a zip wire using hair.

On this fateful day, Roy was trying to cross the Teesta river near Siliguri, suspended by his ponytail from a zip wire 600 feet long and 70 feet off the ground.

A large number of people had gathered on the bridge to watch.

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Carla Hale is fighting back against what she believes to have been an illegal loss of her job.

The 57-year old says she was let go by an Ohio Catholic school after the institution learned - via her mother's obituary, which named her partner - that Hale is gay.

Carla Hale Pic

An attorney for Hale plans to file a complaint this week with the city of Columbus because it outlaws firings based on sexual orientation.

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Drake, if you're ever in NYC, we're fairly confident we could get you laid.

The Amanda Bynes Twitter love-fest continues regarding the rapper, who she Tweeted about repeatedly last night (while posting pics of herself, natch).

“Loving far apart eyes @drake,” she wrote, linking to an image of him.

  • Amanda Bynes on Twitter Pic
  • Drake Smiles

Bynes then re-tweeted her many followers talking - positively and negatively - about her crush, who she famously said she wants to murder her vagina.

The former Nickelodeon star also re-tweeted a pic a follower made of Drake kissing her with the caption, “Drake and Amanda Bynes 4 Ever <3.”

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Chad Johnson. Homeless man. Beer. Friendship. Twitter. 

Who knew those five things went together so well ...

  • Chad Johnson, Homeless Man Photo
  • Chad Johnson, Homeless Man

The out-of-work NFL star, in a spontaneous act of generosity, spent Saturday with a homeless man named Robert after making his acquaintance on the street.

Robert asked the 35-year-old athlete a beer, at which point Chad made his day by buying him a 24-pack - plus a pack of Newports for good measure.

The former Ochocinco said they were both unemployed so they may as well hang out, and so they did. He took "Porkchop" under his wing for the weekend.

Johnson, who recently split from Evelyn Lozada and may be in need of companionship, also took him to Urban Outfitters, and ended the evening in a club.

Best friends forever.

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Athletes, politicians and fans alike generally and vocally offered support to Jason Collins Monday following the NBA player's decision to come out as gay.

Reactions weren't entirely positive, however.

In addition to NFL player Mike Wallace's insensitivity, ESPN reporter Chris Broussard played the Bible card and stated a dismissive take on homosexuality.

Jason Collins Pic

"I'm a Christian," he said on Outside the Lines, echoing remarks he has made before on the topic. "I don't agree with homosexuality. I think it's a sin."

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Darn you, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, for forcing us to actually deliver praise instead of mockery.

According to TMZ sources, the wealthy couple has told friends to not bother sending them any baby gifts.

Instead, they are encouraging donations to Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, where West grew up.

Kim Kardashian in Greece

That city, of course, is referenced by Ray J in the single "I Hit It First," an anthem clearly based on the Kim Kardashian sex tape that - in a roundabout way - led to Kim and Kanye getting together.

So they should really be thanking Ray if you think about it.

The Kimye baby, meanwhile, is due in July.

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