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It was one of the most horrifying sports injuries in recent memory, and it took place on one of the grandest stages:

Kevin Ware of Louisville came crashing down to the floor last night while trying to block a shot, fracturing his leg in multiple places directly in front of teammates.

And while Ware has the support of coach Rick Pitino, his friends, his family and the entire city of Louisville, perhaps he'll also be comforted to know that many famous people are keeping him in their thoughts today.

Here is a rundown of celebrity Twitter reaction:

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A classic Macy's catalog typo offered up a "Super Buy" for gold and sterling silver necklace normally priced at $1,500, advertising it for a tad bit less than that.

Like $1,453 less.

NeckLace Macy's

The 14-karat item was even available for purchase in the chain's stores, with a customer at a Texas Macy's in Collin Creek Mall scoring two of them.

Unfortunately, the $47 price was too good to be true for most. A few days later, Macy's has corrected the incorrect pricing and canceled new orders.

The actual price of the bargain necklace was $479 - still a big discount, but meaning the "9" was omitted by mistake - resulting in major confusion.

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Selena Gomez has made her return to music official: she'll release a new single on April 8.

Titled "Come & Get It," the track will be sang in public for the first time at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

Here is a look at its cover art:

Selena Gomez Single Cover

“I’m so nervous,” Gomez told MTV about taking the stage on April 14. “I think it’s really cool, ’cause I got to take a year off of music and really be a part of great movies and work with great people, so I thought it would be perfect that I kind of go into music again through MTV and then the Movie Awards... I’m so stoked!”

Selena, of course, has appeared on numerous talk shows over the past few weeks in support of Spring Breakers, declaring multiple times:

She is single and happy to be done with Justin Bieber.

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Who knew break dancing was among Nick Offerman's talents.

Then again, this is the man behind Ron F*%king Swanson.

Should we really be surprised by anything? We think not.

Why, you ask? The Parks and Recreation star, in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, recalled his childhood days working in the soybean fields ... obviously.

Nick needed a way to keep busy whilst killing weeds, so he turned to the art of break dancing ... obviously. No word if he ever ate any of the soybeans.

They're not meat, after all. So you can't assume so.

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It sounds like Justin Bieber is a breast man.

Following rumors about how much the artist thoroughly enjoyed himself at November's Victoria's Secret Fashion show - and how that experience started the downfall of his relationship with Selena Gomez - British model Jourdan Dunn has come out with a first hand account of her interactions with Bieber.

Or a first boob account, we should say.

  • Bieber in Berlin
  • Jourdan Dunn Picture

Following a mini wardrobe malfunction on the catwalk, Dunn told viewers on The Jonathan Ross Show Saturday:

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Lindsay Lohan agreed to go to rehab as part of her lying-to-cops case plea deal on the condition that she can still use Adderall, according to a new report.

The maligned star believes the drug, which she takes for her ADHD and is misused for various other reasons, is a virtual necessity for her to function.

Not that Lindsay Lohan functions at all, really. But you get the point.

Lindsay Lo Photo

Lindsay was steadfast, according to TMZ: Adderall must be allowed as part of the deal or she'd take her chances at trial and throw the plea bargain away.

Attorney Mark Heller assured her he could find a lockdown rehab facility that would allow it ... although whether lock-down rehab even exists is debatable.

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WARNING: Stop reading right now if you have not yet watched last night's Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead...

... because we have major intel on The Walking Dead Season 4.

Rick, Governor

Multiple sources confirm that David Morrisey will be added to the cast of this AMC smash as a series regular this fall, as this week's episode concludes with The Governor hitting the road and his storyline up in the air.

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Maybe Chris Brown is serious about turning over a new leaf.

The R&B star took a flagrant foul from Knicks fans at Madison Square Garden Sunday as cameras showed him on the Jumbotron and the capacity crowd booed.

Brown, however, got a kick out of it and laughed it off.

Chris Brown at Grammy Awards

Sitting courtside with Spike Lee as the Knicks beat the Boston Celtics, Brown, 23, was showered with jeers when his and Lee’s faces appeared on screen.

Chris doesn't seem to be forgiven yet by NYC fans for his previous actions, despite the fact that Rihanna forgave him and took him back last year.

Speaking of which, it's still unclear whether the rumored Chris Brown and Rihanna break-up is real or not. We're going with no ... given that it's April 1.

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With its traditional bright colors and floral patterns, Easter fashion seems like a terrific fit for First Lady Michelle Obama. Check out her outfit yesterday:

Obama Easter Outfit

For this year's festivities, Michelle and the First Family attended Easter Sunday services at St. John's Episcopal Church in our nation's capital city.

Wearing a beautiful Prabal Gurung ensemble we've seen before, Michelle Obama paired a white dress and matching coat with an oversized gray floral print.

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The professional future is looking rather bright for Demi Lovato.

Just days after the singer was confirmed as a judge on The X Factor Season 3, she has debuted her new album cover for the world to see.

Tattoo-filled and intense, check out the image now:

Demi Lovato Album Photo

Lovato has yet to announce the name of this CD, but it goes on sale on May.

And it isn't all that's new about the artist. Check out her short hair now and vote on the fresh look!

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