Oscar Pistorius: Feel Sorry For Me!!

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Oscar Pistorius is apparently feeling sorry for himself while awaiting trial for shooting his girlfriend, and wishing other people would share that sentiment.

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The embattled South African track star's family issued a statement essentially complaining about celebrity gossip tabloids and his many social media critics.

Pistorius family says they are pained by the "disregard that is being shown by some ... for the profound pain that Reeva’s family and friends are going through."

That would be his slain GF Reeva Steenkamp. But their sympathy doesn't end with her. Oscar's family says that despite being free on bail, life is tough:

"For Oscar the process is 'incredibly overwhelming' as he struggles not only to deal with manner in which he lost his girlfriend, but also his role in it."

Pistorius claims he thought Steenkamp was an intruder when he shot her to death through a bathroom door two months ago. The statement continues:

"There is not a moment in the day that Oscar does not mourn for Reeva, and her family, and all those who were close to her, are in his thoughts constantly."

Not that it's slowing him down. Pistorius was seen jogging on a track in South Africa in March, and has been seen with people who knew Steenkamp.

The double amputee became a national hero and global inspiration in the 2012 Olympics when he held his own against able-bodied athletes on the highest stage.

Having just basked in that aura, the slaying of Steenkamp in February was all the more shocking, though he adamantly denies it was an act of murder.


People need to get a grip .. someone died but that doesn't make it murder and I have to wonder why people are always so quick to judge and preach the worst case scenario as the Gospel when they weren't even there .. let events take their course before jumping to conclusions. constantly slagging this guy off or preaching about his alleged guilt isn't helping the deceased or her family and it doesn't mean the guy isn't sincere in his grief!!!


no,I simply can't.


We don't want to hear from the Pistorias PR team any more than the Steenkamps needed flowers from "the office of Oscar Pistorias". Oscar and his filthy people around him would do themselves best to just stay quiet and explain this killing to the courts when asked. Nothing else is required. Every sentence that exudes from these people is more and more sickening.

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