Shain Gandee Autopsy Confirms Cause of Death

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For the first time since Shain Gandee died early yesterday morning, authorities have spoken out on the accident that took the life of this 21-year old and two others.

Shain Gandee Photo

"Foul play has been ruled out," Kanawha County Commissioner Kent Carper of West Virginia told People, while an autopsy has confirmed yesterday's hypothesis:

All three victims died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

As previously reported:

  • Ganee was last seen around 3 a.m. on Sunday, telling people he was going four-wheeling with his uncle David.
  • The bodies of Shain, David and an unidentified woman were found in a Ford Bronco yesterday, submerged up to its windows in mud.
  • In response, Shain's cousin is organizing a mud run tomorrow to raise funeral funds.
  • And the mayor of Charleston, West Virginia has called on MTV to cancel Buckwild.

Wrote Gandee's cousin, Ashley Gandee Lewis, on Facebook: "The family feels that Shain died peacefully in his sleep without pain or suffering."


be glad carbon monoxide isn't a new drug.

Felicia roth

Rip shain


Even though he wasnt my favorite person on Buckwild, he will still be missed in this house! He did die doing what he loved so that was a good thing. I just have one question, why did he go muddin' at 3 a.m. or so? He was a goof, but he was funny so I wish he didnt die but hes in a better place now where he can go muddin' without gettin stuck and die'n


He got stuck in the mud up to his windows. This means the exhaust was plugged. I'm sure he kept trying to get out of the mud, creating lots of carbon monoxide with no where to go except into their lungs. So sad


Very heartbreaking to hear of a death of anyone. And for some thing so out of the ordinary that we don't think on a daily basis as being a way to leave this world. Such a high spirited young man. I would think with leaving the bar at 3 am in morning that alcohol was a factor in getting stuck & not trying to get out. Guess no one will really know, but I'm glad the parents say he went to "sleep" peacefully & was doing what he enjoyed the most!


Sounds suspicious to me.

@ mary

suspicious....that the car was up to the windows in mud...i doubt it....they probably got stuck

Nakia d morgan
@ Jessica

But I don't understand...wouldn't turning off the car prevent the poisoning? Please believe I am not trying to be funny...I am just trying to understand. I know the the mud was up to the window...but couldn't they crack it! Like I said I am just confused at feel this could have been prevented!

Holly jans
@ HeyYourself!

Ive thought about that to. I guess it would depend on what condition the truck was on. Did the windows work properly that kind of thing. Im sure he tried to get unstuck, meaning he punched it causing it to produce more carbon dioxide. I dont know how much it takes for a person to pass out..But maybe it was enough to make them all pass out, making them not able to turn the car off. And it just kept fatally poisoning them while they slept.