Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton: Standing By Each Other (But Monitoring Texts)!

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, country music's reigning power couple, are standing by one another in the wake of some recent tabloid reports.

The allegations: Their marriage is in trouble.

Their response: A united front! Mostly.

Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Us Cover

Miranda Lambert is certainly a tough woman, though, and Us Weekly, which features the two on its new cover, does hint at some trouble in paradise.

She’s so worried, allegedly, that flirty Blake Shelton may stray that she keeps a close eye on his texts and tweets! She has full access. All the time.

“[Miranda] knows [Blake] comes off as flirty. She questions him at times and asks about certain girls. The rumors are hard for her to hear,” a source said.

In June, Miranda, 29, told the magazine that she’s checked out some of the people that Blake, 36, follows on social media and “they’re all hot girls!”

No word if Cady Groves was/is one of the people in question.

Miranda, who is apparently quoted in the cover story, says she keeps her husband in line by demanding full-time access to his handheld technology.

“Either one of us can always look at each other’s phone, and we know each other’s passcode,” she adds. “I like to check his direct [Twitter] messages.”

While Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have laughed off the infidelity rumors that have dogged them off and on for months, she's clearly thought about it.

You tell us: Checking your man's texts ...


this are all lies. Pliz give me the truth the garbage people fill themselves with


This will be my 7th year of marriage and i can say, it not fun to have trust issues. I feel like everyone goes through this at some point or another. The issue that I have a problem with does not regard other girls, its just about small lies in general. once you have caught someone in a lie, whether large or small, its still so hard to forget. sigh.


My comment is this all men and women do it so get over it and move on.Its time to stop acting like babies and grow upGod is getting ready to come back,and you need to get ready to go.thank you..


Miranda is insecure because she remembers how she got him. He was married when they went on tour together and started dating. Grandma always said "remember how you got him, it's how you'll loose him".


Access to your husband / boyfriends' elec. tech. should not even have to be discussed - it should go without saying. However, and I know that this sounds like a double-standard, but IF you feel like you HAVE to check up on them, then your relationship has problems with trust. Once distrust rears it's ugly head, things will never be the same after that. In other words, just knowing you can read their emails and texts anytime you want should be enough. But you shouldn't have to. Respecting one's privacy is the ultimate compliment to a healthy relationship.


check out Lowa's "Careful What you wish for" on youtube. Basically it suggests that when (usually) the man becomes too successful, the relationships goes downhill from there!!


It may be irritating but it is necessary for her to check his husband's messages because of his flirtatious behavior.


Sounds to me like there is discord. If you don't trust your man, famous or not, and have to constantly check his emails, phone, and twitter, you don't trust him. Note to Miranda: A lack of self confidence is not attractive and your insecurity could definitely be a reason for him to stray. You got the power. Own it.


She obviously doesnt trust him if she has to
check his phone and check on him all the time.
Sounds like a unhealthy marriage to me.


Blake likes his sauce and they spend a lot of time apart so the strain being placed on their union is obvious. Hope they make it

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