Miranda Kerr: Fired By Victoria's Secret?

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Has Victoria's Secret severed ties with supermodel Miranda Kerr?

Has Victoria's Secret not seen Miranda Kerr bikini photos?

Reports indicate that she has been fired as an "Angel."

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According to Us Weekly, Kerr's $1 million, three-year contract was not renewed. The reason for the split? She allegedly "has a difficult reputation."

Miranda also doesn't move as much product as VS would like.

The Australian beauty, who is mother to 2-year-old Flynn with husband Orlando Bloom, and turns 30 this month, is "not a big seller for VS," sources say.

"They can still use her for catalog, where she will get a day rate, but she doesn't have to be an Angel to do that," the first source said of Kerr's deal.

Executives from Victoria's Secret wouldn't deny that the contract has not been renewed, but said VS has already invited Kerr to walk in the 2013 show.

So anyway, who knows what the deal is, but she's still going to be very employable and VS will still sell bras. Just click on the link above for hot photos.


It's time for Miranda to own up to all her lies. Karma has come for Kerr. Orlando has recently admitted that he and Miranda were seeing other people when she got pregnant. George Moskos, Miranda's partner at Kora is Flynn's real daddy. A close confidante of Orlando's is telling that Orlando got the bad end of a back room Hollywood fake marriage business deal that went horribly askew. Orlando has tried his best to finish out his end of this crazy contract that he has been forced to be a part of. Miranda and Georgie boy thought that if Kerr got pregnant and had the public believe it was Bloom's that Kora would soar high and the cash would flow. Orlando is just another victim of the sick games that are played in Hollywierd. David Jones dumped Kerr because they were tired of her calling Flynn her little designer handbag amongst all her other diva actions. There are countless facts on Miranda's repulsive ways, like in her early years when she use to sleep with married men for money. I may get attacked by her crazy delusional followers if she has any left, but the truth has to be told.


I was at their store in London recently and there was about 20 photos of Candice, 15 of Adriana , 10 of Erin Lily & Lindsay, 5 or 6 of Alessandra & Doutzen, but only 1 small poster of Miranda in the bikini section. David Jones recently released her from her contract 9 months early because their sales went down since hiring her and she was making unrealistic demands of more money and less time spent working for the brand. Companies don’t just release models almost a year before their contracts are up without good reason, they still have to pay her so clearly there was an issue. Recently she has become more well known for smiling at the paparazzi, talking about drugged up babies and the dangers of sunscreen, being Flynn’s mum and Orlando’s wife, and her blood type organic gluten free wheat free organic alkaline diet; than she is known as a model. People don’t look at her and think VS, they think “oh where are Flynn and Orlando”. She’s not a very good spokesperson always praising RMS and chanel makeup before VS. She also goes to the gym or airport with Blow-dryed hair and a full face of makeup complete with red lipstick, the even went to whole foods in a minidress and stiletto heels for christ sake!!! She often does her VS shoots at a different time to the other models which costs them extra money, and there aren’t very many photos of her on the VS website. She used to have a sweet friendly vibe to her but now she poses every time she sees the paps and always wears a smug grin, when the client can no longer relate to the model their career is dead. Despite all the press she got since becoming pregnant with Orlando’s baby Adriana, Alessandra, and Doutzen still earn more than her because the public sees them as models and remembers the products they are paid to advertise and candice is hot on her tail. Now that she has lost her 2 biggest contracts I think she will drop out of the top 10 highest earning models altogether. If she doesn’t sell the goods why keep paying her millions!!!!!


the best thing ever happened nxt to coffee.


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