Miley Cyrus Pot Smoking Video Surfaces

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Miley Cyrus has been caught smoking once again.

Not cigarettes this time, and not even salvia.

The singer was clearly ingesting some marijuana Sunday night at Greystone Manor in Hollywood, as TMZ cameras caught the star taking a hit on tape:

No wonder Snoop Lion says he has a lot in common Miley.

This video will clearly receive a lot of attention and Cyrus may even be forced to issue a statement... but should she? Do you care that Miley Cyrus smokes marijuana?


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You can't prove its pot.
And if it is, who cares


Who cares if she smokes pot...but I do think she should do it behind closed doors cuz she is a role model for kids and kids shouldn't see That

@ Jenny

She's now 20 years old and Hannah Montana (and her disney contract) ended 3 years ago, so she should hardly be considered a 'role model' for little kids any more than Rihana. Judging by her most recent music, that phase of her life is over. Her latest work is clearly aimed at people around her age.

@ blaize

Yeah, but she really should do it indoors, not for her fans sake but to be more mature and adult as she is trying to portray herself- only people excessively seeking attention (or in need of publicity for record sales) openly smoke pot or whatever it is she was smoking wherever they want in public.

@ Jenny

Now, on this point I will completely agree 100 percent.