Margaret Thatcher Dies; First Female British Prime Minister and "Iron Lady" Was 87

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Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister who governed the kingdom from 1979-1990 and was known as The Iron Lady, died this morning at the age of 87.

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    what took so damned long !!!

    that wacko was nuttier tan a bedbug .... iron ladt ? only the sickest of psychos has the penchant or meglomaiacle delsions and only a mongrel debased country of she men would put up awith such madness .....

    @ joy

    Agree totally , Joy..... the Nazis walked right over that effeminate slum country until , like women , the cried for help and rescue . and now are talking tough again .... faggots .


    I am a British citizen and I lived through the Thatcher years of her government in the 70's and 80's. I am sorry to hear of her death and her struggle with dementia which is a terrible illness. But I am afraid I did not agree with hardly any of her policies especially her economic ones.The trouble with he Tory government at the time was profits before people if it isn't viable get rid of it. I was one of the many unemployed at the time as Mrs Thatcher decided to close down many industries and the mines in Britain. Surely it would have been more economic to create jobs rather than put people onto the dole queues. Margaret Thatcher's Britain made the rich richer and the less fortunate in our society poorer. Instead of bridging the divide between the have's and the have not's it made it worse. One thing I must say about her though she did succeed in a male dominated profession which must have have been no push over. I think personally she became to dictatorial regarding her cabinet and would not listen to the other members. That is why she was voted out. Many places in Britain and communities have never recovered from the Thatcher legacy and still hold her responsible for their problems today. Mrs Thatcher was a rich woman and like many politicans they have no idea how us mere mortals live. But I do think like her or loath her people in this country who are having parties to celebrate her death is rather disrespectful in my opinion.


    Gonna miss the Iron Lady. She had some balls on her!


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