Man Arrested For "Mr. Right" T-Shirt, Refusal to Leave Park

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A South Carolina man in a t-shirt with a sexually charged message was arrested after refusing a police order to leave a park where he was wearing the thing.

The man wore a shirt "that read ‘I May Not Be Mr. Right But I’ll F--k You ‘Til He Shows Up,’” according to a Spartanburg Department of Public Safety report."

Michael Miller, 50, was arrested.

Offensive T-Shirt

When cops told Miller that he was not allowed to wear the shirt in Barnet Park, he became irate and “said he would wear the shirt any f--king where he wanted to.”

Police saw it differently.

Miller was then asked to leave Barnet Park during the Rock the Denim event, ironically a concert devoted to raising awareness of sexual violence against women.

After refusing to leave, Miller, who cursed at and gave the finger to police, was arrested for disorderly conduct, issued a trespass warning and released on $262 bond.

They made good on his efforts to make him take it off, too. When posing for his mug shot, Miller wore an orange jail smock, not his “Mr. Right” t-shirt.

This is 10 times worse than the teen arrested for his NRA shirt in school, which sparked controversy in W.V. In this case ... no one feels bad for Miller.

BTW, the classy shirt sells for $19.99 at Spencer Gifts.

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Barnet Park during the Rock the Denim event, ironically a concert devoted to raising awareness of sexual violence against women.


ready for segregation yet ?


behold land of the free, and you call yourself democracy. funny this is the second thing today

@ lalo

lalo - Both instances are to protect children from smut and glorified violence. There are places to wear this stuff (like anywhere small children aren't).
Obviously, you don't have any children so your morality and ethics basically do not exist yet. punk kid.

@ Hellion

Get off your high horse, Hellion. This article doesn't say anything about kids being at the event! It's a funny shirt. People need to lighten the eff up.

@ Hellion

Oh please children will learn all types of crap from friends, movies, songs etc. You won't be able to protect their innocent minds forever.