Lazaro Arbos: The Worst Performance in American Idol History?

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Last night's American Idol performance show was owned by Candice Glover and Lazaro Arbos.

In two VERY contrasting ways.

Glover covered a pair of tracks and put on what many are hailing as the greatest single night in Idol history.

Arbos, meanwhile, didn't forget the lyrics to The Carpenters’ “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” but was so wobbly and off-pitch that Randy Jackson suggested it was the worst performance of all-time on the show.

OUCH! Do you agree with that harsh assessment Watch Arbos in embarrassing action now:

Alfred williams

Fuck randy Jackson , he sucks .


Lazaro was kept in the competition and it could be because people just feel sorry for him. He clearly has some severe emotional problems that is causing him to stutter so badly but when he sings there is no stuttering at all. He is just too nervous, and too stiff on that stage. He will be voted off soon because in reality he really does not sing well, definitely not for any singing competition.


Is this American Idol or American Pity. Lazaro needs to go.


Guess what ?, I voted x Lazaro non stop until 11pm. Reason: Randy Jackson went over the top with his criticism. The judges were the ones who selected Lazaro on the first place. I hope he goes all the way to the final. I do.

David fletcher

He said in his clip that it's been hard being on AI, he missed his family etc etc. I think the show has gotten the best of him and taken the wind out of his sails. He may love to sing but this competition is not for him and I think he wants to go home but he cannot seem to get sent home.


i do not understand why america keeps on voting for him when he is really not that good of a singer...i was so shocked that burnell had to go and lazaro is still in AI...

@ april12

You are right, Burnell should not have been sent home.

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