Kris Humphries Torn Apart by Divorce Judge, May Face Sanctions for No-Show

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The Kris Humphries hate train just gained a new passenger.

In light of the basketball player no-showing his divorce hearing today in Los Angeles, the judge in charge of the case has ripped Humphries to shreds, saying he mocked and disrespected the court by simply... not showing up.

Kim Kardashian, Big Boobs
Kris Humphries in Brooklyn

As far as anyone knows, Humphries had no reason to skip out on the mandatory conference. He simply chose to remain in New York.

As a result, Judge Goldberg set a sanction hearing and may fine Kris for his absence.

BOTH parties are now required to appear in court on April 19 for a pre-trial hearing, with May 6 still the date on which this never-ending divorce will hopefully be settled.

Of course, Kardashian will miss the first day of that trial because she must promote her fragrance.

And so this ridiculous saga goes.

In Kim's defense, witnesses say she showed up to court on time, answered questions in a professional manner and kept her giant boobs totally hidden.


Maybe he had to be there because it is a MANDATORY procedure. He needs to just let it go and go away. They were married for 72 days time to move on with his life. What a freaking loser he is. Most normal divorces don't get dragged out this long let alone for a marriage as short at theirs. He is entitled to squat!


It sounds to me like the judge is a KarTRASHian fan. It isn't like this is a criminal case...well I guess it could be since Kim is a complete fraud and married Kris for money and media. But still...I don't see any reason why Kris would have to be there. *shrugs*

@ Kellie

Umm, Kim had more money and media fame BEFORE she married Humphries #failedargument

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