Kim Kardashian: Will She Ever Be Sexy Again?!?

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Just a few months ago, not long after giving birth to her second child, Kourtney Kardashian regained her bikini body.

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    Kim Kardashian: Will She Ever Be Sexy Again?!?
    I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
    Good luck!


    Kim Kardashian is THE MOST, self absorbed, selfish, human being I have ever seen. She's just to stressed to enjoy her pregnancy, she doesn't have a place to live?? Give me a break. She lives in a mansion, kanye and she are buying an even bigger, and better mansion. Oh my gosh, how is she going to be able cope? She is complaining about everything. She will make the worst mother ever. Poor baby girl, kanye is an ass too. He thinks he has such great style that he has to dress Kim. He has made her look like a clown. He is a controlling SOB and she thought Chris Humphreys was bad Hahahaha! Karma is a BITCH WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!!!!


    Mmmm Kim still looks yummy ....My face is her toilet!!!!!


    Kim Kardashian has got to be the most self-centered, egotistical, spoiled skank I've ever seen. Instead of CELEBRATING the fact that you are able to HAVE A CHILD, she's worried about herself. I was robbed of the ability to have children due to Ovarian Cancer-and she's bitching about gaining weight? Worried about getting her 'body' back? What about the little girl you're about to bring into the world? How are you going to explain that porn video you made with someone other than her daddy? What about getting married (for real this time) Whatever happens to you, you deserve it. You and Kanye were meant for each other-Two egotistical, shallow, immature, selfish people. I don't know why God allowed you to have a child.


    This is the longest pregnancy ever!!! I wish you had other stories to report and maybe id buy your magazine again


    she need to act like a women and stop act like a smut...


    'kim get a life''


    She is considering a CRASH DIET bc she- oh no!- gained 6 # in ONE WEEK?! For Christssakes girl... Get a GRIP! It's not just A BUMP but a REAL HUMAN LIFE in your hands! Don't blow it!


    She won't lift a finger to Work that fat ass off
    Just will have a doctor suck it out and have it injected back into her fat ass.


    of course she will be sexy again, trainers, tanners,fresh food delivery, lipo, anyone can look like a goddess with a little help.

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