Kim Kardashian: Still Obsessed With Kate Middleton!

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Kim Kardashian really, reallllly wants to be besties with Kate Middleton.

Somehow - and we're going out on a limb here - we doubt it's mutual.

Kim Kardashian Gasps!
Duchess Kate Middleton Photo

According to the Mirror (UK), after learning she and Kate have similar due dates (mid-July) Kim sent a baby gift and "a kind, warm note" to the Duchess.

Kim allegedly revealed to Kate that she has hired a top astrologer in Paris to tell her all she needs to know about a child born under the Cancer sign.

Despite this outreach, Kardashian got crickets in response.

Kate Middleton has probably been too busy traveling the world on goodwill tours, promoting her charitable causes, and playing ping pong to respond.

Not that she would do so even if she were totally bored.

It's not the first time she's snubbed the E! star, either. While in London promoting her Kardashian Kollection last fall, Kim wanted to meet for tea.

Needless to say, that meeting did not occur. She even sent Kate Middleton some clothes from her fashion line ... which were returned, unopened.

Ouch. Some people just can't take a hint, you know?

Lucky for Kim, her other "obsession," Amanda Bynes, is a big fan. Maybe they should get together the next time Mandy's in L.A., which may be never.

Oh well. She'll always have her kareer, whatever that is.


Personally I'm not a fan of either. I don't like how Middleton carries herself, I'm getting tired of Kim's stupidity. But being that rude when someone tries to reach out to you? That's not classy that's bitchy.


Class versus ass. Kate is a Princess, sex tape, I don't think so. Kate is married to a white Prince, Kim prefers black garbage rappers. Money can buy gold teerh and chains, it cannot buy class. You can take the garbage out of the ghetto, but with rare exceptions, you can't take the ghetto out of the garbage. Kim and Kate friends, lmao.


Kate: attractive, feminine, educated. Kim: fat gypsy whore.


The Beauty and the Beast. KK, shut up and go away. You are an embarrassment for our entire country. No wonder respect for America and Americans is so low. Giving BJ's on videos you sell for profit, getting pregnant while married to another man. AND, you want a respectable relationship with Kate or anyone with even a little self respect, is a very bad joke.

@ MontanaTrace

Amen to Montana !
I can't believe KK still obsessed, wanting to be friend with Kate Middleton ....what the F does this publicity whore think ? I hope people just stop her... Not only this person is a bad example, I am not an angel but please .....


Kim Kardashian is sooo pathetic! Would this disease of a person just go away already?!?!


very good,,,,,


but please try to forget her, kim.


To compare the two is absurd. KK has never, nor will she ever, be on any level playing ground with Kate Middleton. That would take refined taste, and a load of other lessons on how to be a lady. KK may be a reality star, but she lives in a fantasy world.

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