Kim Kardashian: Dumped for Being Fat!!!

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A new report confirms what we've suspected all along: Kim Kardashian cannot get enough balls.

Fried rice balls, that is, as the latest In Touch Weekly claims the pregnant reality star has been dumped by Kanye West because she cannot... stop... eating.

Kim Kardashian Dumped?!?

On March 17, a patron at South City Kitchen in Atlanta says Kim chowed down greasy chicken and waffles, along with smashed bliss potatoes, collard greens and mac and cheese.

“She hasn’t just gained 20 pounds like she claims,” a friend tells the tabloid. “She’d already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go!"

Kim's weight has been the subject of the paparazzi for weeks, causing Helena Christensen to recently come out in defense of Kardashian.

If only Kanye felt the same way, though, as the magazine claims he has "deserted" his baby mama when she needs him most, spending most of this time these days in Paris.

Kardashian, however, has denied this assertion, saying in a recent interview that West loves her growing body.

Hmmm... who should we believe her? Anonymous tabloid sources or someone who claims to be our friend on Facebook only so she can be paid to post about various brands and companies? No, really.

It's not an easy decision.


Hope this false information.No woman deserves to be treated like that by the so called man that got her pregnant.


To answer the folks who are trying to give Kim a pass for being fat by saying she is pregnant, well here's the reality; you can be fat AND pregnant or pregnant and fat. Really, Kim is trash and needs to just fade from sight. How stupid to get pregnant when you have not gotten a divorce. But hey, everyone gets to laugh at her and in her twisted, sorry azzed life, any publicity is good.


What is it again that this girl does for a living? and who gives a flying fu*k what she stuffs in her mouth

@ Elizabeth

you hit on exactly what she does for a living. Life is good when you are a high priced prostitute.


Some people have all the luck. I been trying to gain weight for years, both my pregnancies only help me to gain about 15lbs. I hate being skinny...on to kim k. Its not that she is a celeb who is gaining weight, is that she walks around showing off her perfectly fake body n feeling like she has it all, but now she is fat n lost her perfect figure she no longer can flaunt n is pissed. She thought she would only gain a few pounds like sir. To "I like muh phat ww" please learn to read and write before you comment on a public website. My gosh!


Her physician should advise her. If there is too much of a weight gain at once, it might lead to complications, which would be very dangerous both to her and to the baby. She should moderate her eating, maybe walking or some kind of mild exersize could help. You can do it, Kim.


Da blaq dudez likes em sum dat Fatt whyte gurl axtion...if u gibs a blaq mann a a fatt non-blaq wimin then hez a happi nikka!!

Sara trip vaughn
@ i likes muh phat ww

Really dude, you are an idiot, I agree with Patsy.... Maybe you should try reading a dictionary instead of these stupid articles.. JS

@ i likes muh phat ww

I lost brain cells attempting to read your comment. You are proof inbreeding still exists.

Carol worth

Leave the poor gal alone, for Heaven's sake!! Some women have a tendency to gain more than others. The only thing I suggest (IMHO) is that she might invest in some more comfortable, flattering (and sensible!) maternity clothes. Young women ought to think about wearing good, supportive shoes while they're pregnant, also. These 5" heels are ridiculous while preggers! Nice-looking, low-heeled and good fitting shoes are available, essential and smart! ~0:-)


Ok... I hav known people who was 95 pounds and went well over a hundred with their first child. People really need to give her a break. Just bc she is famous doesn't mean she can't put on weight she is pregnant.


Doubt she'd reallyallow herself to be photographed looking like this. Photoshopped no doubt.


Kim went to Paris for a photo op to show the world that She and Kanye are still together. Why is she traveling that far for 1 damn day? Didn't she have a (fake) miscarriage scare? However... PLEASE find one picture from this trip where they are- Smiling, Holding hands, Hugging, Kissing, Enjoying each others company. Kanye looks depressed as hell. He didn't even take her to the airport. He sent her in a car to the airport! Who does that?! He is NOT that busy! Good for her because she gets herself in desperate situations.

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