Kim Kardashian: Dumped for Being Fat!!!

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A new report confirms what we've suspected all along: Kim Kardashian cannot get enough balls.

Fried rice balls, that is, as the latest In Touch Weekly claims the pregnant reality star has been dumped by Kanye West because she cannot... stop... eating.

Kim Kardashian Dumped?!?

On March 17, a patron at South City Kitchen in Atlanta says Kim chowed down greasy chicken and waffles, along with smashed bliss potatoes, collard greens and mac and cheese.

“She hasn’t just gained 20 pounds like she claims,” a friend tells the tabloid. “She’d already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go!"

Kim's weight has been the subject of the paparazzi for weeks, causing Helena Christensen to recently come out in defense of Kardashian.

If only Kanye felt the same way, though, as the magazine claims he has "deserted" his baby mama when she needs him most, spending most of this time these days in Paris.

Kardashian, however, has denied this assertion, saying in a recent interview that West loves her growing body.

Hmmm... who should we believe her? Anonymous tabloid sources or someone who claims to be our friend on Facebook only so she can be paid to post about various brands and companies? No, really.

It's not an easy decision.


I think Kanye cares more about his growing baby than the baby' mama. Kim chose to have this child and so she has to accept all that goes with it, unusual cravings, being a pig at times and gaining a lot of weight. After the child is born she can exercise and go on a diet.


seriously am going to say its bad the way people are nowadays ,shes getting a divorce n going to have her first child why dont u guys just live her alone because its not nice shes gaining weight and your saying a bad things about her n kanye but she needs him for support and help so dnt make it messier dan ever


that's not even her seriously it don't even look like her whatever stupid ppl like to ruin others lives with this bs


Even though I'm not a fan of Kim I do believe she is love this time and in some pics she looks so unhappy. One thing I've always respected about Kim is her ability to move on and if things don't work out with her and kanye she has to move on. I don't think she's fat it's the style of clothing she was wearing. Seriously between work divorce and preparing for a baby if Kim focuses on those things she will be just fine.


Can't Believe I'm about to say this but I'm
starting to feel sorry for Kim. I'll never be a fan
but I think I'm done with the bashing. Now after
she has the baby is another story.




Kuntye is half correct. Its okay for interracial relationships, but there is a huge difference between a black man and a stereotypical, rude, loud mouth, narcissistic piece of crap nig. These two don't need to reproduce bc they are just going to bring another talent less, loud mouth rich prick into the world whose income comes from sucking away the moral fabric of our society. Thank you :)


Ok now....your comment is rather racists. I'm not a Kardashian fan but quit the black thug comments. Kanye isn't a black thug .... he's black man..... such a stupid comment! You must be mad because caucasian women are crossing over, You should try a black woman....she might show you folks a thing or two. Broaden your horizon!


If people are laughing at the wigger it's her own fault, for constantly being in the news every second of every minute of every hour of every day. She was FAT before she was pregnant, & got even bigger after being pregnant. I can't stomach her or her entire trash family. I pray they just move out of America. HATE THEM> PERIOD>>>>>>


i wish kim would think for herself and not let kwest tell her how to dress or what makeup not to wear. she is beautiful. a lot of women gain a lot of weight when they get preg. but i hope she stops soon or it won't be healthy for her or the baby. i wish her well. i just wish it had been with a different man and a different color. people should not mix when it comes to having kids. she is a nice person and has never hurt anyone. her mother and her sister khloe are the ugly and nasty ones in the family. well enough said. kim i wish you a happy life and a very healty baby. enjoy it all forever. xo


It would be awesome if she was humped and dumped but I and most of intelligent America can only hope that she and the rest of the horrible family would leave America!! If she moved to Africa imagine the dating possibilities.


complete BS. she was on a late night talk show a week ago and looked fine. really fine actually.

Stacy elizabeth milaschewski
@ big daddy

I agree!! the tabloids make it worse, so do her outfit choices. my pregnant next door neighbor looks like kim on facebook and then she looks 20 to 30 pounds tinier in the driveway. it's photos!! i am a mom of 3 too :)

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