Kim Kardashian: Dumped for Being Fat!!!

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A new report confirms what we've suspected all along: Kim Kardashian cannot get enough balls.

Fried rice balls, that is, as the latest In Touch Weekly claims the pregnant reality star has been dumped by Kanye West because she cannot... stop... eating.

Kim Kardashian Dumped?!?

On March 17, a patron at South City Kitchen in Atlanta says Kim chowed down greasy chicken and waffles, along with smashed bliss potatoes, collard greens and mac and cheese.

“She hasn’t just gained 20 pounds like she claims,” a friend tells the tabloid. “She’d already gained 45 to 50 when she still had four months to go!"

Kim's weight has been the subject of the paparazzi for weeks, causing Helena Christensen to recently come out in defense of Kardashian.

If only Kanye felt the same way, though, as the magazine claims he has "deserted" his baby mama when she needs him most, spending most of this time these days in Paris.

Kardashian, however, has denied this assertion, saying in a recent interview that West loves her growing body.

Hmmm... who should we believe her? Anonymous tabloid sources or someone who claims to be our friend on Facebook only so she can be paid to post about various brands and companies? No, really.

It's not an easy decision.


The tabloids will say anything to get readers to read their trash. Why can't they leave people along or at least write good things.. Kim and Kanye are still happy together


These sell-out brothers always treating the black woman like lowlife trash.Sisters go jump on a WM pole already stop being a doormat for this crap.K?


Kim shouldn't be tearing up and start to be cry baby. First, It was her decision to have a baby. So theres no reason why she should be sad about it when everyone know what would you look like when your pregant. BIG. Get over it.


News flash, Kim's body was pretty disgusting before the pregnancy. Now it is vomit worthy. And no, Kim, You won't ever get what you had back. You will become the pitiful plastic surgery magnet you were always meant to be. You'll follow in the pathetic footsteps of your step dad.

@ Mudrake2

You are a nasty vile person. You dont need to be so damn rude. I think she is beautiful, why was she nasty before she got pregnant?? Too much curves for you?? You are a horrible human being, with noting better to do then bash on a celeb. I guarantee that if she were to come up to you and ask to hang, party, or shopping spree you would be all about it, the lime light, the money, the are just like the majority of the population...A sad excuse of a rude human being...get a flippin life plz and quit bashing people asshole

@ raregirl08

Are you retarded? She's looks like a whale. Talk to any doctor they will tell you her weight gain is UNHEALTHY FOR THE BABY! They recommend for health purposes to gain only 25-35 pounds. Traveling all over the world doesn't help either. Women shouldn't be horrendously fat during pregnancy. This disgusting whale is NOT a celebrity, any person with a brain knows that. Sorry last time I checked or the Hollywood association porn starts and reality tv personalities are THE LOWEST of the chain. They are not celebrities. I hope you don't have children.


leave im alone...she s pregnant, kanye is not going anywhere


Wow, what a joke. Are we really surpirsed?

@ melissa Byers

He's gone!


These two don't need to reproduce bc they are just going to bring another talentless, loud mouth rich prick into the world whose income comes from sucking away the moral fabric of our society.


IF (and I say that with inflection), this is the case, Kim should have used her HEAD and not the BED when making this decision to get pregnant with this KNUCKLEHEAD Hennessy drinking idiot. You reap what you SOW! Put your big girl panties on, suck it up, and give him his walking papers! You still run the shit! NO WHINNING ALLOWED!


There is nothing wrong about a woman craving for food during pregnancy so stop nagging haters! After all, it is common that women get big and go back to exercise and go back fit after delivery. Do you remember what happened to Kendra? Stop negativity please!


Pregnancy is a sweet bitter experience stage, Kim should not be discouraged with the way she is its just for a while. She should embrace and love the way she is.Some pple will not change during their preg, while some will change during and while some will change after. Its individual body differences

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