Kim Kardashian Divorce Details: Nothing for Kris!

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It's official: Kim Kardashian is a free woman.

And Kris Humphries is a total loser. Literally!

This Kardashian divorce case has been settled in a Los Angeles court, sources confirm to TMZ, with the Brooklyn Nets power forward walking away with absolutely nothing as a result.

Kim Kardashian for MTV

Here is what a judge has decreed:

  • Kris, who had demanded $7 million at one point, receives no money from Kim.
  • All claims of an annulment based on fraud have been dismissed.
  • Each party will pay his/her own legal fees.

To reiterate: This is a DIVORCE, not an annulment, which is the aim Kim has had in mind for all 536 days since she and Humphries first split.

The judge reportedly congratulated Kardashian on her "dissolution" and - get this! - was prepared to fine Humphries for not attending any recent hearings… only for Kim to request he not do so.

So let the countdown to a Kim/Kanye West wedding begin!




If she marries Kanye I can see that marriage lasting maybe....hmmmm. 70 days.

@ cls314

It's funny cuz it's true. lol


I am happy for Kim too. But the real reason he HAD to let it go was it was affecting his future with the Nets. His pettiness almost cost him his job/ The Nets are going to the playoffs and did now want his drama during their run. I am willing to bet you that told him to fix his mess or else! He was going to lose anyway and still may be fined for not showing up for the prior court date. He HAD to let it go, otherwise he would still be acting like a bitch.

@ Dana

Her pettiness is what dragged this on so long. It was a case of fraud pure and simple. He had every right to want an annulment. Stop sucking on Kim's tit.


Im thinking a good 72 days and they should be married.. How ya like that Kris?

Victoria mcguire

Divorce settlement contracts need to be written up, signed and agreed to by both parties and presented to the judge for his decision. Then filed. The divorce is not finalized until that time and there will be a waiting period up to near the end of June in case either party changes their mind.

@ Victoria McGuire

So what are you saying, that he can tie this up indefinitely? Your legal facts are wrong.It is a done deal! I wonder why you would want them together forever, since you loathe Kim Kardashian.Kim has moved on. Go Kim! What he did was so wrong.


Yayyyyyy! Congrats Kim, I always knew Kris was a loser, sorry you had to go thru the crap :D

@ jamie d

Kim KarTRASHian is the biggest whore and media slut around. She only married him for the money and the camera time. Nothing more. She never cared about him. Now she is prego to make money off of Kanye and his kid. She is a disgrace.


Finallyyy! So happy for her & better for future baby west <3

@ casualfridays

You are so right. She was way to good for him.


just believe me when I say.SHE HASN'T MUCH OF HER OWN.
she almost pennyless.

@ abe

not true, she has real estate so she has money! jealous much?

@ jamie d

If you believe she was almost broke your crazy. People love to look for the negative with whole family. She has her own money from all the businesses she has going.

@ Cheryl

Right. You mean the businesses her pimp bother set up for her. Get real.

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