Kim Kardashian Divorce Details: Nothing for Kris!

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It's official: Kim Kardashian is a free woman.

And Kris Humphries is a total loser. Literally!

This Kardashian divorce case has been settled in a Los Angeles court, sources confirm to TMZ, with the Brooklyn Nets power forward walking away with absolutely nothing as a result.

Kim Kardashian for MTV

Here is what a judge has decreed:

  • Kris, who had demanded $7 million at one point, receives no money from Kim.
  • All claims of an annulment based on fraud have been dismissed.
  • Each party will pay his/her own legal fees.

To reiterate: This is a DIVORCE, not an annulment, which is the aim Kim has had in mind for all 536 days since she and Humphries first split.

The judge reportedly congratulated Kardashian on her "dissolution" and - get this! - was prepared to fine Humphries for not attending any recent hearings… only for Kim to request he not do so.

So let the countdown to a Kim/Kanye West wedding begin!


I'm so glad that Kim K is divorced from that Frankenstein head looking freak. Now she can have her baby with Kanye by her side and they can be happy and healthy and far away from the cameras...God willing!''


I wish those Kardouchians would go away What ever happened to morals and class?

@ Elizabeth

Few parents teach either anymore; they're too busy chasing careers, so here we are.


Good for her


Can we all say LOSERS!!!!!!!


Think outside of the box, why would he not show up- perhaps Kris got a deal outside of the court that was settled between he and Kanye's baby momma, enough for a no show and hush hush.
She makes more money talking about it from people who just love to live their messed up lives vicariously through her.

@ Poetee

You've got a point there! Makes sense.


Amen!!! Way to go Kim...That is a load of crap off your back-litterely....Best of luck to you and God Bless!!!


How can that Judge side with her all the way.. She should of least given him the ring back, she is worth 3x what he is.. Sucks for him, except he is rid of her. These people get away with everything, out of the goodness of her heart, she should of given him something for her sham. Shame on you KIM, what goes around, comes around..

Ms billie

She had no reason to give him the ring back. An engagement ring is a promise of marriage and she did that. There is nothing that says the marriage has to last for a certain amount of time. This wasn't about getting away with anything it was doing what is right. There was no sham he was fully aware of what he was getting into therefore he made his decision to marry Kim. If anyone should feel shame it's douche bag Kris. He's such a whinny little brat that didn't get his way. Since their split he's done nothing but try to make her life hell so yes what goes around comes around his turn is coming up for the payback. Karma will take care of him and his stupidity.


He fought so hard to get something he should had known he would not.


You can tell the judge to suck it. Im tired of this whore getting everything her way.. they all need to just die

Ms billie
@ singlen8tivedude

You must be one miserable person to say such things about someone I'm willing to be you don't know. Especially to say they all need to die is such a harsh nasty thing to say about anyone. Such talk will come back to bite you KARMA loves to make things right and what you're saying is definitely wrong doing.

@ Ms Billie

I totally agree. People are so loose with their wishing death on people they don't like, like it's ok. It is not ok.

@ singlen8tivedude

Totalllllllly uncalled for. How very childish & immature espically in light of all the recent tragedy.

@ singlen8tivedude

Saying they all need to die is totally uncalled for. Watch your words KARMA !


We had a bombing in Boston and an explosion in Texas. Why is this news? There are things in this world that matter and she is not one of them.

@ Kellie

You are absolutely correct, Kellie, but in the grand scheme of things, why should we give a hell about Kim anyway - she is an overrated, self-centered egotistical, prima donna who thrives on attention. Kris is/was no sait regarding their relationship, marriage, and issues regarding the dissolution but believe you me, Kim is no Mother Theresa

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