Kim Kardashian Divorce Details: Nothing for Kris!

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It's official: Kim Kardashian is a free woman.

And Kris Humphries is a total loser. Literally!

This Kardashian divorce case has been settled in a Los Angeles court, sources confirm to TMZ, with the Brooklyn Nets power forward walking away with absolutely nothing as a result.

Kim Kardashian for MTV

Here is what a judge has decreed:

  • Kris, who had demanded $7 million at one point, receives no money from Kim.
  • All claims of an annulment based on fraud have been dismissed.
  • Each party will pay his/her own legal fees.

To reiterate: This is a DIVORCE, not an annulment, which is the aim Kim has had in mind for all 536 days since she and Humphries first split.

The judge reportedly congratulated Kardashian on her "dissolution" and - get this! - was prepared to fine Humphries for not attending any recent hearings… only for Kim to request he not do so.

So let the countdown to a Kim/Kanye West wedding begin!


Let it go Kris! She don't love you! Get on with your life. And let her get on with hers! Damn!

@ Brenda


@ Brenda

There was a settlement, they both signed off on it, the judge granted a dissolution, the papers are going through the channels for the judge's final signature on the divorce papers. Any game playing will most certainly not be allowed. It is finito, get it, why don't you give it a break, jeeez!! No one is denying the settlement from Kris's camp, infact he says he is happy to move on. Where have you been, under a rock?!?!


bag i mean


both those dumb idiots dont have the slightest clue what it means to be married... he'll be sound... she'll grow old and sag just like the old bad she's destined to be just like her mom... consumed by greed


hi so nic pic


Was there a marriage license and was it record at the court house. The minister is one who is suppose to take it back and get it recorded. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce Settlement Details Revealed HERE:


She's just gross


Kris Humohreys was a loser from the minute he got involved with these people.


BULL. 1/ he did not show up because everything was settled before today. She was interviewed just outside court and said he was happy she was happy and everything is sealed. He has to send the signed papers and the Judge will sign everything on June 19th. Everything else is GOSSIP. eVERYTHING IS SEALED. Hopefully all of these trashy Kartrashians will go away for good. MB


Bull. Everything is sealed. She was interviewed just outside the court room and said that he was happy and she was happy and everything is sealed waiting for the signed papers from him and final approval and signature from the judge on June 19th. SO AGAIN AND AGAIN IT IS GOSSIP. Furthermore if he did not show up his lawyers advised him not too if he did not want it, obviously everything was settled before today and the only one who had to be there was kim. MB


Humphries deserved nothing cause he didn't even bother to show up for the last two hearings. The slug.

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