Kim Kardashian Divorce Details: Nothing for Kris!

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It's official: Kim Kardashian is a free woman.

And Kris Humphries is a total loser. Literally!

This Kardashian divorce case has been settled in a Los Angeles court, sources confirm to TMZ, with the Brooklyn Nets power forward walking away with absolutely nothing as a result.

Kim Kardashian for MTV

Here is what a judge has decreed:

  • Kris, who had demanded $7 million at one point, receives no money from Kim.
  • All claims of an annulment based on fraud have been dismissed.
  • Each party will pay his/her own legal fees.

To reiterate: This is a DIVORCE, not an annulment, which is the aim Kim has had in mind for all 536 days since she and Humphries first split.

The judge reportedly congratulated Kardashian on her "dissolution" and - get this! - was prepared to fine Humphries for not attending any recent hearings… only for Kim to request he not do so.

So let the countdown to a Kim/Kanye West wedding begin!

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Details: Nothing for Kris!
Ain't it the hottest thing?


I thought I got tired of Paris Hilton....but WHEW----the
K's are overrunning the place with their greed, dirty dealings, and think they are more important then anyone else or THEIR life. Kim, call Gieselle and let her tell you how easy prgnancy is and by all means you should breast feed----for a yr.


It's people kin to this judge that keeps things so upset.
Kim used him in a fraudlent way and now Ms. Kim can go on to her big bag of fraud, lies, and tricks to walk over people.I hope someone else afar raises the baby she's just mean and evil. Comes from it the family tree.
Kayane needs to get control of the kid and try to maintain some class---which a thief like Kim knows --nothing about.(I still wouldn't doubt Kim wearing
a fake belly) Spend all that money on handbags when the world is straving! Mr. West, you pulled a big one
this time. She's the girl like dear old mom!
and takes everyone's money along the way----sanctioned by our government


Kris gets nothing. Kim's a loser.


Who the heck cares about those Kardashians. They are all weird and looking for attention. Plus who needs to see their baby "bump" as tho thywere the l1st to carry a baby. And I feel sorry for Kim. He got screwed


Good job... judge boner


Sounds like the Kardashian's wrote the above article and they are trying real hard to make us believe it!


I am curious as to your reporting that Kris didn't get a penny when everything else says the terms are confidential?


Guess the judge is sleeping with Kim too.

@ critic

And peeing on her too


The judge was quoted as saying he felt they had progressed enough in seeking a resolution therefore he cancelled the divorce trial. This is not a divorce nor is it a settlement resolution by California state law both sides must sign each others terms. If they cannot find a resolution they must still go to trial which would be after June 19th. This would place a trial after playoffs. Don't count Humphries out yet. Until we get a name of a Rep from Humphries camp saying it do not believe the media spin! :D Go Humphries!