Kim Kardashian Baby, Pregnancy: Ruining Star's Life!!!

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If a new tabloid story is to be believed, Kim Kardashian has gained tons of weight... has really fat hands... is being ignored by Kanye West... and totally hates her impending baby as a result.

So claims the cover of Life & Style, which is just the latest magazine to slam Kardashian and her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Cover

Kim has received support from such sources as Gloria Steinem in the face of such criticism, while mostly remaining silent on the ridiculous reports.

Meanwhile, Kris Humphries continues to act like a doucebag in his divorce proceedings with the reality star, prompting this plea from THG:

Dear Tabloids and Underperforming Power Forward on the Nets: Please stop being such total and complete morons.

You are forcing us to side with Kim Kardashian as a result. Thank you.

XOXO, The Hollywood Gossip


What makes you this she cares about this baby she didnt care about her past marriages .She only cares about her Sl*ty self .I dont like her one bit .And once this child is born I bet she gets a nanny so she doesnt have to deal with this poor innocent child .

The real somebody
@ Alice

Alice you actually know this about Kim or is it something you read? Kim is not the only celebrity with multiple marriages. Kim's baby will be loved by her whole family and herself. Lets get real here.

@ the real_Somebody

Sure they'll love it ….if it gets them more publicity or money. Poor little baby will never know which race it belongs to.

@ the real_Somebody

What makes you think Ho-Ho and her greedy family know what love really is? Every thing will be done to extract every dollar possible out of this pregnancy, delivery, and the child's life. As for Mr. West... guess he didn't like his life played out on Tv and is laying low in Paris. What would you want to wager that if things go to the crapper with KW, Kim tries to say someone else is her baby daddy.


I seriously DO NOT believe this story one bit I don't care Life and Style , Mediatakeout, Ok magazine are known to makeup stories that are NOT true

The real somebody
@ Keren Dazile

You got that right Keren..These Rags are only trying to sell their magazines.


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