Kim Kardashian Baby, Pregnancy: Ruining Star's Life!!!

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If a new tabloid story is to be believed, Kim Kardashian has gained tons of weight... has really fat hands... is being ignored by Kanye West... and totally hates her impending baby as a result.

So claims the cover of Life & Style, which is just the latest magazine to slam Kardashian and her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Cover

Kim has received support from such sources as Gloria Steinem in the face of such criticism, while mostly remaining silent on the ridiculous reports.

Meanwhile, Kris Humphries continues to act like a doucebag in his divorce proceedings with the reality star, prompting this plea from THG:

Dear Tabloids and Underperforming Power Forward on the Nets: Please stop being such total and complete morons.

You are forcing us to side with Kim Kardashian as a result. Thank you.

XOXO, The Hollywood Gossip


I don't think Kim is really pregnant..surragate.
No one weighs 205 pounds and one day a fat body and the next..normal with fake stomach.
She is making millions off this pregnancy and I don't think she would get pregnant and ruin her body. She is much too vain for that and.. now that she is pregnant Kanye disappears?? It isn't his and she is no9t pregnant.


I feel sorry for this baby Khourtny will be raising it.
Kim is a dope. She can't even speak words without saying "LIKE" Kanye is keeping his distance and..Kris Humphries nwas right all along and no one gave him any credit!


Finally, someone who puts a completely accurate and truthful remark! I agree with you about the entire Kim K - Kris H situation, and her being 1 billion% at fault and totally responsible!!!
Voting and hoping she wisens up and agrees to the annulment - people might even forgive her a bit
for finally doing the right thing.


to Rod Long: You should be banned from ever writing anything on any comment section. You are VILE and ignorant.

Jeannie seely

Here she goes again. First it was the wedding and now the baby. I would like to tell her this. Having a baby is not like a marriage. Babies are with you for the long haul. I think she did it for the money. Her mother had a fit that her boyfriend announced it a his concert. She missed out on the money from the tabloids. Like they need more money. Here is the clincher. When you are pregnant you can not eat for two. If she lost her boyfriend because she is a fat cow it is her own fault. She is a spoiled child herself and will have a spoiled child because of it. Babies are to be cherished and loved. Not for publicity or money. Kim can always hire a nanny to raise the child. Then she can bring the baby out for show now and then. I think her plan backfired. Don't you.


Don't think she hates the baby, just depressed as she has gained so much weight.. Go with it, have a healthy pregnancy, wait till you hold your child for the 1st time, and it all will be worth it. If Kayne deserts you, then he is no good like most people think


It is only fair that the baby gets to ruin your life, you will ruin it's life for the next 18 years with your self centered, ego maniacal ways. Isn't it time for another Semen Facial Treatment?


kim get a life.....

Teresa sigler

Kim! That baby is a blessing. Quit whining. You are going to change girls minds about keeping their babies! And you know what that means. All this chaos is just to provide DRAMA to boost the ratings of the Keeping UP with shows and to make more money for the stories, photos after the baby's birth! GIVE KRIS THE ANNULMENT! Sacrifice something one time! You used him and dumped him when you were finished with him. When the baby is born, you will have a huge support group to take care of the baby while you get yourself back into shape with your big weight loss endorsement!


Kris Humphries is "acting like a douchebag"??? you are joking-Kim used him to boost her ratings and her fame and then discarded him and was dating and now pregnant with Kanye before he even had all his stuff moved out-I believe the all time skankk nasty douchbag would be Kim and her whole scumbag clan of fame drooling hores-Kris has every right to get a marriage like that annulled -Kim is the one trying to act pathetic using a pregnancy by another man while married to Kris as an excuse-Kim is the one who ruined Kim's life-act like a skannky no class sluttt and that's what you will get treated like-no sympathy

@ fatal

good for you--well said!

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