Kim Kardashian Baby, Pregnancy: Ruining Star's Life!!!

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If a new tabloid story is to be believed, Kim Kardashian has gained tons of weight... has really fat hands... is being ignored by Kanye West... and totally hates her impending baby as a result.

So claims the cover of Life & Style, which is just the latest magazine to slam Kardashian and her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian Baby Bump Cover

Kim has received support from such sources as Gloria Steinem in the face of such criticism, while mostly remaining silent on the ridiculous reports.

Meanwhile, Kris Humphries continues to act like a doucebag in his divorce proceedings with the reality star, prompting this plea from THG:

Dear Tabloids and Underperforming Power Forward on the Nets: Please stop being such total and complete morons.

You are forcing us to side with Kim Kardashian as a result. Thank you.

XOXO, The Hollywood Gossip


My son is in the hospital and is very sick! He needs
A new liver and to hear her say this hurts my heart.
I would give my own life to have my son healthy.
So your fat get over it your pregnant and have

@ Michelle

This is the problem!!! U all r listening to a gossip magazine. Do you really think anyone would tell the world they dont like their baby? Come on people, wake up. She posted pics of herself the other day and she isnt fat, she is prefnant and she doesnt hate her unborn child. Stop reading trash n believing everything u read!!!! My goodness!!!!

@ Michelle

Hope your son gets well very soon. My prayers are with you. When I wad pregnant gaining weight was the last thing I worried about. I prayed for my babies to be healthy

@ Michelle

Kim hates being pregnant! And then announces it just to get more photos and publicity.

Ms billie

I so agree with you I haven't met a pregnant woman that didn't or hasn't complained about it. We all go through a period of not liking what we look like and get so tired of all the extra weight. Also doesn't matter if you are with a man or not men do not have the same feelings or know how a much pregnant woman goes through. I wish all the men making nasty comments would just shut up and leave Kim alone she has enough to deal with right now. And Kayne it sounds like you are neglecting Kim if that's true you need to get a life and accept life as it is and be there for Kim and you baby. In other words stop being a douche.

@ Ms Billie

Michelle you need to pray to God. You can not blame Kim for your child's health. Your son was born with this predisposed
condition way before it happened. You need to remove your bitter reason to contact Kim. She can not help you. And if you never had a child, You would not know birth. So be happy you still have your son. And ask God to forgive you and ask God to save your son. He is the only one to help. There are no bleeding hearts to say, because Kim complain about her wait gain she should be banished to be a bad mother. You need to open your eyes and heart to pray to God. Because if you bash Km you don't want anything. to hinder your prayer. (Keep praying The Lord Jesus will Listen)

@ Ms Billie

Good luck to you and your son. I hope things work out well for you....and soon...

@ critic

I don't think Michelle was blaming Kim for her son being sick, I think it more of not understanding why she is sad over being pregnant, most people can't have kids or those parent who have children that are sick would cherish the fact that they have a healthy baby. You read to much into what she said Rose

@ Samantha

And you all read too much into gossip magazines. Really people, she wouldnt announce to people that she doesnt like her unborn child. U have yet to see quotes stating she actually said anything. People need to stop being so gullible. And Im not a fan of Kim burlt the crap in the tabloids is ridiculous n the fact that u all believe it, is even worse!

@ Samantha

I don't know how that person thought Michelle was blaming Kim for her son's health. Maybe they can't read


Kim k, u shuld be hapi that u have a baby because many r looking for something like this, yet they do not have,so you should be thankful to God & accept ur body the way it is stop complaining u r no more a child always be urself.

@ Precious

I read way into what she said. She is using this opportunity as others to bash Kim. She needs to pray and not say Kim is complaining about being pregnant. Because she also complained during her pregnancy. She is feeling guilty, too. All women want pregnancy, but when it happens, we are so sick and we gain so much weigh. This is weigh some women never lose. But she should not feel guilty, either. Her tone sounded harsh toward Kim. And she need to get rid of her anxiety and pray. Because it won't change with her attempt to make Kim feel guilty. Actually we all need to pray daily. We all need to pray. So I am saying she needs to pray is how we connect to God. God responds to man on earth from heaven when we ask/ pray to him. If we want him to do something we need to pray. We need to ask him.
Her wanting a million dollars won't saved her son. Even if she had a million dollars. Everything is in God's hands. She needs to believe in God. This is the catch. Being a believer is important! When she prays she need to ask God. God will listen to her. He listens to those who pray.He listens to all men, but he listen to his children. All one has to do, or needs to do, is be a believer!!!!!!!!!!!


All women complain while pregnant. They love their babies. But it is normally about weigh.Pregnancy is both husband and wife are pregnant. It is hard being alone and pregnant. If Kanye is away ,then a woman unmarried feels sad. As the time when it gets closer you began to feel better, even women who have no problem with pregnancy will hesitate to get pregnant again. I hate men to comment, because they know nothing about pregnancy. And the clothes Kim has been wearing are up to date. Maternity wear that. women wear now is showing their baby bump and women wearing fitted, but comfortable attire to shape, but they are not tight. . Christina A. and Demi M.both were in magazines who exposed their tummies then Christina had fitted lounge attire pictured with their swim suits. So stop bashing Kim!

@ Rose

And yes Kim has millions, And Michelle does, too! She can have God. God is over the Millions.Kim has million, but we have to ask God to come into our lives. We may not have the millions to help us lose weigh, but we have God to help us through everything. So pray, pray. and pray some more.


why is she so mad at her body....


She is so pretty Pregnant!


You made two errors in the blurb on Kim. First, you don not use former and latter referring to a list of three, and second, former is the first (of two) not the last of three as you have written here.


Really Kim.... You were fat before you got pregnant. There are women that have been bigger than you that lost all the weight after the baby, like Jessica Simpson on her first pregnancy. You have to complain... Get real !! Kim your just a mess, drama, and money hungry! You care less about your child growing inside you by all the tight outfits your have worn in the past. All you care about is yourself... SELFISH !!! And your so worried about gaining weight when you should be happy at this point that you have a healthy baby growing. If you didn't want to gain weight then you should have never taken the chance by opening your legs! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and all you do is complain... Grow up!!!!

Mark burns

That what you get when you let Conyea put his pickle in you.

Pauldinho apacer windstaan


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