Kate Gosselin, Bullyville Under Scrutiny For Exposing Haters' Identities Online

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Kate Gosselin and the website Bullyville recently encouraged the discovery of the real identities of some of the people who threatened her online.

Always a controversial figure, Kate is now at the center of a war between anti-bully activists and harsh critics of the reality star ... of which there are many.

Katie Gosselin

James McGibney, head of Bullyville (dot com), exposed the real identities of numerous alleged Kate haters on Monday in a move that raised eyebrows.

He also threatened to call the employers of the Kate bashers, including the alleged older woman stalker who allegedly sent Kate more than 72,000 tweets.

For her part, Kate Gosselin is encouraging those who seek to protect her, as they reveal identities of others they said crossed the line while attacking her.

Throughout Monday, as McGibney unveiled the “real identities” of various Kate haters, Kate retweeted messages chronicling the unmasking of alleged bullies.

She previously expressed strong support for Bullyville and others who sought to protect her by revealing “bullies," thanking them for "cleaning house."

Kate recently Tweeted: “yes I proudly support all LEGAL means to bring bullies - who thought they could hide to light - on the internet or in school. @bullyville #stop”

But McGibney made it clear his actions were his own, and rejected the notion that Kate’s encouragement meant she was ordering an operation against her enemies.

“No one encourages me to do anything," the Bullyville founder told celebrity news site Radar Online. "I’m a grown man who makes his own decisions. :-)”

“For the record: Bullyville is going after Kate Gosselin’s bullies for specific death threats and over 100,000 slanderous and libelous posts.”

She clearly supports the mission. When Bullyville exposed one person believed to be dangerous to Kate Gosselin, she re-tweeted their message:

Kate Gosselin Staked

“Dear (name redacted), AGE 56, from (town redacted) Texas. Do you really think that your death threat references to @Kateplusmy8 are funny?”

The image above, showing Kate bloody and impaled, was reportedly a catalyst to start the operation to expose people he believes crossed the line.

But are they going too far in targeting alleged "bullies"?

One person “outed” as a Kate Gosselin hater said:

“He and Bullyville put my name, address, phone number, my teenager’s email address on (Web site redacted). For what!? Not liking Kate Gosselin?"

"Now Bullyville is saying they are going to all my employer?"

"I don’t know what he would say that would get me in trouble but I am a single mom living paycheck to paycheck. Bullyville and Kate G are the real bullies here."

“I never attacked, threatened or harassed anyone, ever.”

What do you think? Are Kate and Bullyville going too far?

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If you want to be in the public eye and have fame you need to tuffen up Kate. It is impossible ( and rightly so) to stop anyone from expressing their opinion ... If ou like it or not

@ Nadia

My comments was meant for Nicole. I'm sorry Nadia I'm not familiar with this site and thought I'd clicked on reply for Nadia. :)

@ Nadia

People don't get behind screens and suddenly grow balls! They have opinions. And sometimes they may or may not like a celebrity. Do you really want to live in a world where you cannot express a "bad" opinion or thought? Seriously, do you want this bullyville guy deciding what you can and can't say on the internet? Because thats what he is trying to do....In his case he bullies senior citizens which sickens me. ***And if I were getting death threats I'd call the police, thats why I have to say this is all about Kate Gosselin being relevant****

@ Nadia

Absolutely 100% agree with you! Also,If you don't want anyone to disagree or not care for you for any reason, have your twitter account private to only FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!!


i love it....don't be a dbag and nobody will have an excuse to be a dbag in return....everyone of these people is getting what they deserve....consider it a valuable lesson learned


This goes way beyond releasing names. In February Bullyville's hacker cohorts were threatening to empty bank accounts & release Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Both of the hackers working for Bullyville called themselves executioners. This creep doesn't give a crap about bullying. He's the bully. He's just waiting for someone to libel him so he can sue. He's a money-hungry, lawsuit happy fake. And Kate Gosselin is a bloody fool to encourage him.

@ Kate is the Bully

Bull - you are a liar. You must be one of the nasty witches that BullyVille exposed. People like you always "allege" but provide no proof - where are your links to your so called "proof". Liar

@ Susie

Susie: You must be new to this site. We tend to discuss the topics the author has posted and not attack and be rude to others. Perhaps you should go back to Bullyville and be a bully. If you'll read the comments here no one's been rude to anyone. You are being very disrespectful.

@ Kate is the Bully

That isn't true.there was one Anti Kate poster who freaked out and cancelled his credit cards and closed his bank accounts. Bullyville did not threaten him.He did that on his own accord.

@ Lana Bo-banna

That is total BS. At no time did BullyVille EVER encourage somene to hack someone's bank account, stalk them, or harm them. However these nasty people he has outted have made up lies to that effect. I notice that they NEVER and I mean NEVER are able to post tweets or any other real evidence to back up their assertations. BullyVille however does. Lana-bo-Banna is telling the truth. @Kate is the Bully is another of the haters and liars - likely a pathetic loser wtih no job.

@ Lana Bo-banna

You are a liar! I have all the screenshotsl. Kate & Bullybitch are going down, legally.

@ Kate is the Bully

@kate s the bully - - -Ha ha - where is your evidence loser. I see you ahve none.


Even though Bullying is wrong...I feel that Kate Gosselin and Bullyville.com has in fact went too far as to revealing peoples identities. Its like revealing a Social Security Number in public for the world to see. But this is for Kate Gosselin...you bullied your husband, kids, friends and strangers...she's getting a little dose of her own medicine. What she sow...sow shall she reap. I hated to say that. She put her life out there to be ridiculed

@ T

This is not about Kate being ridiculed or having someone say nasty things about her. It's abou stalking, libel, and people callilng CPS with unsubstantiated allegations of child abuse. Being a public figure may mean you're putting yourself out there to be ridiculed but it doesn't mean you're putting yourself out there to be slandered, threatened, and stalked - celebrities have rights as well. All BullyVille did was expose who made these statements that crossed the line of bullying into stalking and libel. The bottom line is we should always remember free speech is not about regulating speech so that someone' feeling's aren't hurt. I could care less if Kate's feelings get hurt, but when the line is crossed into illegal and threatening territory, people need to be held accountable. We have a right to free speech, we do not have a right to be free of the consequences of what we say. I'd say this is more than fair play to out the people who have been doing this to Kate - they are beyond obsessive. They are sick and sad and they need to get help. Maybe their employers and family will intervene and see that they get it.