Kanye West to Move to Paris, Leave Kim Kardashian Behind?

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Kim Kardashian may give birth in Paris.

But a new report now claims Kanye West may move to Paris, which could spell doom for the couple non-affectionately known as "Kimye."

Kanye West Looks Sad
Pregnant Kim Kardashian Pose

The rapper is working on his new album in that French city and "loving it," an insider tells The New York Post.

In fact, he's been overseas since February and has not bothered to visit his baby mama during that time, even as she struggles with Ray J telling the world he banged her first and Kris Humphries acting like a douchebag in her divorce proceedings.

Simply put, Kanye would "like to move" to Paris, the source claims, but others confirm that Kardashian has no interest in such a change.

Yes, she has an apartment in the fashion capital of the world... but that's as far as she's willing to take it.

Neither Kim nor Kanye nor anyone in their camps have talked about where the couple might live once their child is born in mid-June. But allow THG to speak for the masses when we say to France:

Please take them!


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Kanye West to Move to Paris, Leave Kim Kardashian Behind?
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Good luck!


It is so funny that all we hear about is kanye when Kim has been filming her shows and has had cameras at her home her entire pregnancy this far. Kim went from Kourtney & Kim take miami to Keeping up with the Kardashians. I don't think kanye wants to apart of their shows and I'm sure this isn't the first time Kim has heard that. I read that they are still filming Keeping up with the Kardashians in Greece.


omg does kayne ever smile


does she know who the baby daddy is?....


I wonder what either of them see in the other? This whole issue is so disgusting. the entire world is sick to death of them. Are they naming the baby Zebra? What a cruel thing to bring a child into the world who will never know what race it belongs to. Very selfish of them both. All bi-racial people seem to have a huge issue with this as it must be confusing to them.


I hope Kim let's him go to Paris by himself and don't have her baby in Paris since kanye is going on with his life like he's not even going to be a father. Kim should tell him to put the child support in the mail

@ jules

He is being a father WHAT he has to be Side by side with her all the time? They both are the same. She does stupid things to draw attention to herself and so he. Look at couples you fight in the war. So you are saying they are acting like the man or woman act like they are not having a baby? Because the woman is at home alone while the father is off fighting. Make no sense.

@ Eula Bettis

It doesnt matter if my comment makes any sense to u cuz it is my comment and whether u like it is not relevant. Most women who are pregnant like having the father around and it has nothing to do with being able to handle things or not. That's why so many men leave women cuz they act like they don't need them and talk that garbage and when the man is gone they want people to feel sorry for them


Thats nice! Abandons his baby mama! Even if it is kim k thats low

@ Ashley

I doubt anyone has 'any' sympathy for Kim Kartrashian. It's for sure that she and Kayne will never stay together. The poor child has a sad future with those two as parents.


just like herpes, can't ditch the bitch

@ able



if the states will be in a war some time.
don't use atomic bombs. JUST DROP KIM KARDASHIAN, folks!!


Kanye & Kim were just together in Paris. Your report says Kim has a place, it is Kanye that has a place in Paris. Kanye & JayZ records their album WTT there. More than likely, both of them will be in Paris.

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