Justin Bieber Tour Bus Raided by Police, Marijuana Discovered

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Justin Bieber may be in more trouble with the law.

According to a Swedish newspaper (per TMZ) the singer's tour bus was raided by police in Stockholm last night because authorities detected a "strong smell" of marijuana.

On board the vehicle, which was parked outside the arena in which Bieber was performing, law enforcement officials discovered a small amount of the drug.

Justin Bieber, No Shirt Picture

Of note:

  • No arrests have been made.
  • It's unknown if Justin was on board the bus at the time of the search.

Bieber, of course, was caught smoking pot a few months ago and subsequently apologized, promising to "be better."

We'll update this story as more news breaks, but the singer is also under investigation for an alleged battery incident last month.

UPDATE: Bieber was reportedly spotted with Lil Za leading up to this incident, the same Lil Za with whom he smoked up in December.

Cops, however, confirm that no one will be charged because they do not know who was in possession of the pot since the bus was empty during their search.


i like him

Ms billie

OK lets put the pot smoking aside for now. He's still a punk and thinks his shit don't stink. Which in fact he and his stupid music stinks. He's totally out of control and thinks he can do anything he wants and not have to be accountable for it. I've heard all this bullshit about how close and awesome his mom is ok fine, where is she now when he needs her supervision more than ever? I don't care how young or old he is it's very apparent that an adult needs to do intervention and stop him from a life time of destruction. Not that I care as I can't stand him period. Oh well maybe after doing time in jail or prison his dumb ass will finally wake up or end up dead.


Honey pac sweet pac walk*oves


This is a kid that is headed the wrong way and we as customer can stop this train from wrecking. Lets stop buying his music, buying anything of this young cat so he can get the message to stop before he is another dead star.


Kid can buy and sell most people and he wants to be a rapper gangster even if he falls a little short. Let him go to hell in his own way. Can't see how this affects those reading this blog.




When your life changes and you start hanging with certain people, you should expect to be led to disappointment, trouble, crime, etc.


JB should quit smoking & Hanging or being friends with Lil Za.


Justin is going down the same path as other famous singers have. Too much money, fame getting to his head, and losing the one good thing in his life, Selina. I believe she broke up over him, because she is so much more mature than he is.

@ nanny

I also agree with you

@ nanny

OMG, so true, where are his parents, they need to step in or he might go down like all the other dead artists, having money and no education on how to manage that money is recipe for disaster


I see Mr Goody Two Shoes is starting to go down a path of destruction like the rest of the group.

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