Justin Bieber: Tortured by Selena Gomez!

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A source close to Justin Bieber has confirmed what we've suspected for months:

The singer's recent troubles - from pot smoking to hanging out with Lil Twist to spitting on his neighbor - can all be traced to his split from Selena Gomez in late 2012.

Justin Bieber Down Low
Selena Gomez in New York

Bieber was "torn apart" by the break-up, an insider tells TMZ, and he hasn't been able to sufficiently recover because Gomez continues to call and text.

The mixed messages have left Justin "tortured," according to this same mole.

Just last week, Bieber stopped by Selena's house on his way out of the country, likely to either mend fences or urge his ex to make up her mind in one direction or the other.

It was a smart move because Bieber has clearly been expressing his anger and bitterness over the split in healthy, inappropriate, often illegal ways.

What do you think? Should Justin and Selena get back together?


I love selena justin doesent deserve u


Grow up, you little dweeb asshole... You don't see Selena going out and acting like a fool...


This is just sad. He's so immature that he's blaming an ex-girlfriend for his behavior? He's got drug parties going on in his home. He's driving like no one else should use the same road. He's got a monkey that's probably going to die from lack of proper care very soon. He is so stoned that he's got very poor self-control. Hmmm. Moms: isn't it time to direct your daughters to some other pop star that doesn't accumulate all this baggage?

Tatyanna watkins

yes they make a good couple plus she is the only female that got her heart broken by justin bieber.


he pushed him on a bed with nails for a blowjob.


Of course he does not deserve Selena,only if Selena was with sb like me,,,,,,,,,,,I would never hurt her..........never....................

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