Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Cuddling, Shirtless, SEXY in New Photo!

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Justin Bieber has posted a HOT new photo on Instagram of himself with Selena Gomez, and the pop star didn't take it down within minutes this time.

He is shirtless and working on his computer as she clings to his back.

And, as if the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez image weren't telling enough, his caption reads: "You've been makin music for too long babe come cuddle - her"

Justin Bieber Shirtess With Selena Gomez

With this, Beliebers and Seleantors around the world are joyously celebrating what appears to be official confirmation that the two are a full-on couple again.

Or they're stabbing their Selena/Justin voodoo dolls. It's unclear.

He's apparently willing to go public now, though. Last weekend, he posted another photo of himself and the brunette beauty, only to delete it right away.

More sexy pics to come? Was Selena also wearing no shirt? Where are her hands positioned? What happened after this picture was taken?

So, so many questions. But just one for you all now, THGers:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back on: You excited?


I'm as baffled by his popularity as by the hostility against him. What's the big deal? He's just a kid performing and singing songs. He started out a bit too young and became a success too fast, and taking all that animosity as a teen must be difficult. Yet, the only thing that scares me a bit is his insistence on being like Michael Jackson. There can only be one MJ. He should just be a great Justin, that would be much better.


Wow! It looks like Beiber's breasts are finally coming in! They're look so perky already! I'm sore Selena will have HOURS of fun playing with them.


When I think of 19 and 20 yr olds the words hot and sexy do not come to mind....at all. I don't see anything hot or sexy about the photo. It is a kid on a computer with a girl sitting behind him looking like she is falling asleep. It is more than likely staged for PR. After all of the negative media they need to try to clean up Justin's image....insert Disney girlfriend. Oh and btw, the tweet is gone and has been for a while.

@ Kellie

They are sexy in their awkward teenage way. I'm 18 and I think they're cute together.


I dont think they ever broke up. It was never confirmed by neither of them.


Why does selena look like she got possesed by the thing in paranormal activity?


those tattoos are so damn childish............WH DID HE DO THIS?


Bitch Please!!!!

Ms billie

OK where is Selena's parents someone needs to talk some sense into her. At this point she's possibly salvageable, I'm not so sure he is. If the idiot boy ever had any intelligence it's definitely gone now. All the crap I've heard and read about how his mother watches over him where is she now? He's simply an accident waiting to happen, when it does rock bottom isn't that far away. He'll be like all the other famous dead entertainers.

@ Ms Billie

Selena's grandfather should or biological father should step in. From what I heard they were never for this relationship, I am sure they could step in and talk some sense into her. Her mother reminds me of those pageant moms who push their daughters everywhere, she is also dissapointing

Ms billie

I use to like her especially when she dumped his stupid ass. If she is back with him not only is she crazy she's as stupid and ignorant as he is. Gods help them if they are both that stupid. He'll drag her through the gutter along with him or anyone that he can. Sure as hell glad my daughter is old enough to see through his stupid ass lies and bullshit.


You know what's crazy? I thought he boasted about being a Christian? He's not much of a witness. No wonder so many parents are pulling their little girls away from the Biebs. I don't mind if he is or isn't but what I do mind is the fact that if he's going to wear that Christian badge, to live it out. He's got an audience watching. I guess this is what money does. It's a test to see if you'll renounce your faith in what you believe in. It seems that the Biebs has.

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