Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Cuddling, Shirtless, SEXY in New Photo!

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Justin Bieber has posted a HOT new photo on Instagram of himself with Selena Gomez, and the pop star didn't take it down within minutes this time.

He is shirtless and working on his computer as she clings to his back.

And, as if the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez image weren't telling enough, his caption reads: "You've been makin music for too long babe come cuddle - her"

Justin Bieber Shirtess With Selena Gomez

With this, Beliebers and Seleantors around the world are joyously celebrating what appears to be official confirmation that the two are a full-on couple again.

Or they're stabbing their Selena/Justin voodoo dolls. It's unclear.

He's apparently willing to go public now, though. Last weekend, he posted another photo of himself and the brunette beauty, only to delete it right away.

More sexy pics to come? Was Selena also wearing no shirt? Where are her hands positioned? What happened after this picture was taken?

So, so many questions. But just one for you all now, THGers:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back on: You excited?


I don't understand what he's trying spoon hard to flaunt in all these shirtless pictures. He's just a skinny boy, who probably doesn't even shave yet. It's embarrassing.


What's with the misleading title. You make it sound like she is shirtless. I had already seen the pic so I knew you can't see her. She isn't so classless to take a pic shirtless. smfh


But that photo is superimposed its so obvious! He prolly did it to see how y'all fall for it's!


She is crazy but yet they are both young. I'm mean she has to be stupid to get back with him. But maybe she is going to try and help him become a better person.. So we all hope. Unless she is becoming like the rest and just wants to get all the wrong attention. Good luck to both of them.


Unfortunately this child/man has confused celebrity with talent. Please stop giving him attention.


big big mistake I hope isn't true shes doing a hell of a lot better without him


another posibility: IS SHE BROKE, SHE HOOKS UP AGAIN?

@ abe

Yup she gotta be broke that's y!!


Oh goody!!! My life was so incomplete I was withering away!


They are meant to be.
Justin has every guys physical urges/hormones to deal with. Give him time. Justin my man, try not to burn any bridges till you settle down. Selena's the one for you.


They're two beautiful and talented kids finding out about life and love in the glare of intense public adoration, fame and scrutiny, with all the money and fame they will ever need or want already in their young careers. It's tough enough when you're nobody. Haters...back off! Just remember what the haters did to Michael Jackson.

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