Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Caught Kissing!!!

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It started with a flight to Norway.

Then there was a Selena Gomez sighting backstage at a Justin Bieber concert in Oslo this week.

And now comes confirmation that these two lovebirds really are back together: They were just spotted kissing in Norway!!!

Selena Red Carpet Photo
Justin Bieber on a Break

"They were holding hands, hugging and they kissed on the lips," an insider tells People of the pair overseas. "They looked really in love, like no fights ever happened before. It definitely looked like they were back together."

Justin and Selena broke up in late 2012, but those in the know have said they've been keeping in touch.

Some have even claimed Gomez was torturing Bieber with constant phone calls and texts, despite her unwillingness to actually be his lady again.

But now that appears to have changed. We'll have plenty more on the rekindling of this romance when more news breaks, but in the meantime:



I ht u bieber i can not blv tht jelena is back f-ck u gomez stop playing wth ths boy u ar just after hs money i ht u bth u bitchs.


I can't believe they are dating P.S I'm going to her concert


hi jb I love you always and forever I wish I could spend a week with u ..love u .........
Selena u just shood stop he prob doesn't love u
anymore ..oh dont cry Selena. chill ,maybe u
shood be with a fan that u love .. if u date a fan
they'll never treat u horrible .. think about it


There is no pictures for proof. It's prob not true!!! But if it was, I will still support jelena


so??................thats it!!!! whoooooooooooooooo hahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahaah

@ imawesome5



this is funny XDDD btw who goes to ww add me :p hilarious!!!!!!!




Jesus Christ Selena! Not again! I thought we were done with this BS? Remember? We are so good? Really good?


Really Selena??? I hate Justin Bieber!!! Everyone at my school does and we have like 2000 students. I used to love you but know I like you even less. Bieber is a BIG liar, cheater and eek!!! I just want the best for you Selena!!! He had a affair with another woman!!! Love you and see you at your concert November 26 in Michigan, Kathleen

@ Kathleen Brooke

go mila

@ Kathleen Brooke

what other woman? you need to get yourself up to date. he did not have an affair.


I'm happy for Justin, but I think selena is just dating him for the money. I personally hate selena, & no not because she's dating justin bieber, but because she's stuck up. I used to like her until she got stuck up. I love justin, but he's gonna get hurt again. I think she's in it for his money & fame. I mean, why would she do all those things if she really loved him? No hate. Just my opinion.

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