Jonathan Cheban on Ray J: What a Loser!

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Ray J may have hit it first, but a surrogate for Kim Kardashian is hoping to get the last laugh.

In response to that singer's hilarious Kim Kardashian sex tape ode, Jonathan Cheban has come out and made his feelings very well-known.

"When I saw that idiot Ray J make a song about her, you know I held myself back from twittering that Ray J is a real retard," Kim's BFF told Us Weekly on Saturday. "But you know, I can't deal with a thousand people twittering back and forth so I let it go. I mean, who does that?! You're a loser and you'll always be a loser."

In an interview with New York radio station Hot 97, Ray J tried to claim the song in question is somehow NOT about Kardashian, but rather "about a concept."

"People going way too deep," he said last week. "They just gotta keep it on the surface. I'm not trying to create no war, it's all love; we're doing music."

Dude, you're Ray J. Why run from what you've created?!? Embrace it. Own it. Live it. Love it.

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Jonathan Cheban on Ray J: What a Loser!
Guys, dont work your right hands out))
Have fun


If he hit it first or not.... He is still a loser ... I can how she wants her back.... So stupid.. And Jo just keep on doing your thing .... That's what a TRUE friend does....


Jon's an idiot himself, why even comment and give Ray'J more air-time??? You're doing exactly what he wants you to do.


And when the fuck will that ass-kisser shut the fuck up!
He'd be sucking Kim's dick if she had one right now!
Grow up Jonathan... Nobody cares what you have to say!


I love that song soooo much!
But people please!
It's obvious what he did!
He was getting irrelevant so he sang a song that he claims is not about Kim that is obviously about Kim!
At least nigga own up to it!
Sure you made a little buzz but nobody's gonna be own your side here


I still like the Kardashians. But, that song Ray J wrote sounds so good. Besides that, Kim K has a man (Kris Humphries) she is still married but has to deal in order to divorce.


It was ok for kanye to talk about Kris Huphries tho. Karma is a bitch!!! Ray J can sing his butt off, what talent does kim have? She made an empire off the tape, let Ray J make his money before she is not relevant.. Which seems to be just around the corner. Seems theres always a double standard n Hipocrisy with the "K" clan..


Johnathan is a nobody... Loser.. Why would he use the word "RETARD" as if to insult Ray J. How politically incorrect and inappropriate. Just goes to show how insensitive the "K" clan is. Take an social media etiquette course. Don't describe a music artist (Ray J) as a "RETARD". Dummy!!


cheban or whatever his name is has his head stuck up that fat whores ass to the point where hes choking on her shit. hes trying to hussle some camera time with that fat whore. ray j is doing what hes done and thats sing. not only did he hit her but he pissed on her. Keep eating her shit cheban no one else wants to be seen with that pig in lipstick. not even kayne hes in hiding.


#Smashed First, I hit it I hit it first that shit is dope

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