Jon Gosselin: Spreading Lies About Kate For Profit?

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As the battle over Kate Gosselin and her online detractors rages on, Jon Gosselin is back in the middle of it and being accused of plotting to defame his ex.

Anti-bullying activist James McGiney, says he can prove Jon and anti-Kate author Robert Hoffman joined forces in a scheme to lie about Kate for profit.

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McGinley, who owns Bullyville, recently announced a crusade (and lawsuit) against people he says have crossed the line in attacking the mother of eight.

That has not deterred Hoffman, Kate’s most ardent critic.

His once-banned e-book about her is on the verge of being put back on the Internet, and in response McGibney says he will expose Hoffman's “lies” and “deceit.”

Including working with Jon to take down Kate.

McGibney has set up and @hoffmanbook, promising he will release proof of a money trail fueling the anti-Kate Gosselin material.

“I’m going after Jon, a lawyer involved in this and Hoffman,” McGibney told Radar regarding Hoffman’s self-published Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.

The book was briefly for sale on Amazon last year but was removed by the e-retailer after two days when lawyers for Kate demanded it be taken down.

Around the same time, rumors surfaced that Jon Gosselin gave Hoffman access to Kate’s computer hard drives, filled with contracts, journals and other info.

Hoffman claimed he pulled all of that out of her trash.

If he's intimidated by Bullyville's efforts - the site recently outed her stalkers on Twitter - he's not showing it. In fact, he seems to be loving the attention.

“Thank you to for putting the national spotlight back on a story that had been swept under the rug and had been long forgotten,” he writes.

But McGibney signaled his own charge into the battle with this tweet: @BullyVille: Coming Soon! Hoffman Book ~theft, lies and the money trail.”

Game on.


Can't these two just quit and realize their kids are the ones most hurt by the mess their lives are. It's as if they think it's all about beating each other. It's not. Grow up you two! Put the kids first. They both disgust me.


I do believe Mr McGinley is someone looking for his 15 min of fame. Somewhat contradicting to claim Hoffman has printed lies; yet , still accuses him of stealing the drives from Kate's computer in collaboration with Jon. If his book is all fabricated, then why would there be a need to prove he stole her diaries?.. Sir, either he made it up, or it is the truth from her computer...which is it? I do believe it is the truth.


Why can kate gosselin as she has all these yrs go on TV etc. and say things about Jon, truth or not and now she is all upset because he is now exposing her also? It's probley because all of what Jon is saying is truth and she can't handle that. She thinks she can say anything she wants and no one else is suppose to say their piece. She is like a child that calls all kinds of names at you and then goes berserk when it is thrown back at her! Get some help Kate, you should be embarrassed that you will do anything to get into the celebrity news of which your not a celebrity! your an ordinary women with marriage problems that has put them out all over the world for everyone to see. Shame on you as a mother!!

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