Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape Tops Fans' Celebrity Wish List, Survey Finds

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The James Deen-Farrah Abraham sex tape sounds great and all, but Jennifer Lawrence is the star adult film fans would want to see star in such a body of work.

According to a new Sex Tracker survey from by XCritic (dot) com and Vivid Entertainment (both NSFW), the Academy-Award winner ... came out on top.

Pun sort of intended.

Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Picture

Adult entertainment lover were asked whose sex tape they would have "most interest in either watching or buying" when it came to celebrities.

The Catching Fire star, whose sexiness, down-to-earth nature and overall coolness have made her incredibly popular, nabbed 22 percent of the vote.

Which almost sounds low if you've seen Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos?!

Anne Hathaway (17 percent) and Jennifer Aniston (15 percent) finished second and third in this important survey of potential sex tapes that will never occur.

Katy Perry was recently named the star men would most like to have an affair with, so it's a little surprising she didn't place in the top tier in this case.

Which female star would you like to see in a sex tape?


Yez yez ye and yez


Ok nie asik juga ya lihat ya wow


im not surprised at all about this they were checking out the picture we have seen of her in her new movie


believe it or not: she is able of driving a car just with her VAGINA!!

Julie ann conkle

Idiots should wise up and keep sex in the bedroom with one person where it belongs. This trash is becoming so widespread, and every yahoo thinks they need one on the internet. I wish people would start losing their jobs and paying the consequences of their actions, maybe then they might learn some decency.

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