Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Heroin Possession, Assault on Courtland Rogers

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Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 has been arrested for heroin possession - 12 bindles' worth of the stuff - and assault on her husband Courtland Rogers.

Police discovered the small paper packets of drugs on Jenelle's possession when they arrived at her residence following an alleged domestic dispute.

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (April 2013)
Courtland Rogers Mug Shot (April 2013)

The reality star was also found to be illegally in possession of prescription drug Percocet, along with illegal drug paraphernalia (papers and a pipe).

And then there's the assault charge, which came after Evans allegedly struck her spouse WITH A PIECE OF FURNITURE during a domestic dispute.

Courtland Rogers was arrested, as well, as he is believed to have hit Jenelle Evans on the neck on top of "striking her with a closed fist on her head."

Rogers just pleaded guilty days ago to assaulting Jenelle and their unborn child this winter, after which she miscarried and they split, but  recently reconciled.

He's in a whole lot worse trouble this time around.

Rogers was also arrested for heroin - which he's accused her ex Kieffer Delp of getting her hooked on - with intent to sell, manufacture, and distribute.

Just last night on Teen Mom 2, viewers saw Evans and Delp procure what looked like heroin "with her last $70" after a huge blowout with her mom.

Barbara Evans has custody of Jenelle's three-year-old son Jace ... largely for this reason. Oh, and Jenelle Evans, 21, was also served with a warrant.

For failing to pay child support. Obviously.

Both Jenelle and Courtland Rogers denied possession of the heroin at the time of their arrest Tuesday, which seems like a dubious claim at best.

This is at least her sixth mug shot.

They are entitled to and will receive a vigorous defense as always - her attorney Dustin Sullivan is a busy, busy man - but she could be in DEEP here.


Bad parenting means jace will be just like this crack whore regardless of if she raises him or not. Jace shouldn't be with jennelle or Barbara. He should be with someone else all together


Why do these people think she's like this? Her mother obviously! Bad parenting makes for a bad child. A child making bad decisions is one thing but a child that makes the same bad decisions over and over makes for bad parents

@ Tera

No its an idiot that dont know how to grow up or say no. She gets mixed up with the wrong people too, which doesnt help matters at all. I mean courtland rogers, r u kidding me lol atleast theyre perfect for each other! Two of a kind. U can not put someones decisions or actions theyve made on anyone else but themselves!!! She has a choice she can choose to do rite nobodys got a gun to her head. Shes just too weak minded and loves the attention. Sad excuse for a mother but atleast her mom cared enough to take care of jace. Family is more important than anything and u have no rite to say whether that child belongs with her. Hell I may not like her either but as far as ive seen shes done good by jace. With as much attention as they get and bring on themselves dont u think dss has already been involved?! Im positive I live in the same county. They dont play that shit here! They will prob never let jenelle have him so dont worry...

@ noneyabusiness

Why doesn't anyone ever ask where Janelle's father is and why he isn't in her life???Does anyone think this may have had any impact on her? imo I think her mother has done the best she can do as a single mother herself. She seems to really love Janelle and tries to dish out tough love. It is very, very difficult to be the mother of an addict.

@ noneyabusiness

All I know is she's bipolar because of her mother. Her mother isn't a saint here. She looks like a god awful woman to live with for years hence WHY jennelle makes the choices she does. Can you not see the identical mannerisms? Jace will definitely follow in mommy's footsteps if he stays with grandma. Mark my words.


this makes me really sad.


She is such a piece of shit. Just last night on twitter she was talking about how she has changed and that the crap that happened on the show was sooo long ago. Give me a f'n break. She is never going to change. Jace will never have a mom...take that back...he has a mom....Barbara. Thank goodness Barbara has custody of him. I can't even imagine what Jace's life would be like if she didn't have custody. I pray that Jenelle NEVER gets custody back.


Shes stupid and a worthless parent and I'm happy that she don't got jace. Her mom did the right thing and if I was her mom I would keep jace from jenelle.. I mean if shes picking drugs over her son then she don't deserve him. Shes not a mom and that baby is better of with out her. I mean hell the dad never been there an now shes picking drugs over her son.. wow worthless bitch.. I hope u get ur ass beat in prison... and never get to see ur son again..

@ amanda

Barbara won't ever do it but I wish she would put a restraining order on Jenelle. She doesn't need to be anywhere near that baby. All she does is hurt him. He is such a little doll. I don't know how she can continue to hurt him and Barbara the way she does. After last nite's episode seeing how Jenelle and Kieffer talked to Barbara I was just disgusted. I felt so bad for Barbara.

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