Illuminati Are LGBT Activists, Pat Robertson Sort of Says

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The Illuminati are alive and well, in the form of LGBT activists who have set out to destroy the family, church and state, Pat Robertson implied last night.

The former Republican presidential candidate and longtime televangelist linked the modern gay rights movement to the Illuminati of the French Revolution.

“It has been said that those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to live them again,” the 83-year-old said Wednesday on the 700 Club.

“You go back in history to the French Revolution, you find there was a thrust, uh, spurred by the, uh, writings of a group called the Illuminati."

"To destroy the family, to destroy the state, to destroy capitalism, to destroy the church. And it was lived out in the blood of the French Revolution.”

What exactly does that have to do with LGBT people?

Pat doesn’t directly link the two, but goes on to say:

“We have here a debate over same sex marriage. But is it really just about marriage? Or does it go far beyond that?" Robertson muses.

"They’re destroying the traditional family and building a country without God.”

Illuminati: A real thing?

Same-sex marriage:




If there was a god he sure as hell would strike this jackass dead. Simple narrow minded man knows not what he speak. STFU!


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