Halle Berry: Pregnant with Second Child!!!

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Halle Berry finally has a reason to smile.

The actress, who has been tussling with ex Gabriel Aubry over custody of daughter Nahla and who went off this week on the paparazzi - is PREGNANT with her second child!!!

Halle Berry Up Close

Insiders confirm to TMZ that Berry and fiancé Olivier Martinez are expecting and that the gorgeous star is three months along with a baby boy.

This is rather impressive and unexpected news, considering Berry is 46 and Martinez 47. We send our best wishes to the expanding family!

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If you can't get something one way there's another way. She's going to marry her boyfriend and pregnant.
With Aubrey's child and now this child and her married twill change how it looks to the court. She'll be moving to France where they want to move. It is his home country. Halle will get her way.


lucky unknown bastard gettin all that good lovin!


Is Halle turning into a crazy whore too?


PS: I was married, previously, and divorced. I am very thankful there were no children involved, then. When I was young, living together was not an acceptable option, and, unfortunately, morals have been abandoned in favor of self-gratification. Sad.


@Lauren I have been judgmental, here, and I do apologize. But, I really feel sorry for this child as I see his or her road ahead as being a challenging one. I was Blessed to have a loving marriage with my late husband for 47 years. My Sweet, late Mama was married to two wonderful mates for 22 years each, (before the demise of each). The problem today is that people don't see the importance of commitment. The idea of "becoming one" is minimized and putting another's welfare before your own is not encouraged. The idea is, we'll try living together & if it doesn't work for us...no "biggie." As long as I get my 50% you can have yours. How do you rip a baby in half? A child needs to be raised within a loving marriage. It's our responsibility as mature adults. I realize that is the ideal and there are unfortunate exceptions, but, it shouldn't be "all about me," and that is the attitude that is prevalent today.~0:'-/


does she not have an older daughter too. this would be her third. hmm, think she is too old and has babies with too many different men.


Wow that is good news mann now this is believable unlike some other celebrities that we have been hearing who are rumored to be pregnant. Thats just wonderful with a successful career she now focuses on establishing a bigger family.JUST BEAUTIFUL.


so beautiful pic


Congratulations to her and her fiancee.


Once again, I seemed to have accidentally mixed both my Name and my Email together. MY BAD!!!!!