Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Deal: "Backdoor Teen Mom" Sells For Nearly $1M!

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For all the talk of how the elaborate Farrah Abraham sex tape scheme blew up in her face, the hot mess got the last laugh. Vivid has acquired the rights to it.

For nearly a million dollars.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Cover

Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, who's been interested in buying it from the get-go (whether it was staged or not), finally got the Teen Mom star to agree to terms.

Farrah was considering other offers for her faux sex tape / standard porn romp with James Deen, but Vivid won out in a deal that will near seven figures.

Its title, per the cover art above? "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom."

That's just sensational on so many different levels. It's only fitting that they would pay homage to Kim Kardashian, and the MTV show that started it all.

And backdoor moms. Because apparently, from what we've seen, she is one.

Guess money talks. For all her protestations about how this was a "private" matter and a personal keepsake, she was pretty quick to cash in in the end.

Not that anyone believed that nonsense anyway. Just saying.

Will you watch the Farrah Abraham sex tape?


Who the hell is she?? And whos the idiot that paid that kind amoney to see her screw someone????? Hahahahahah!!!! A fool and his money

@ sandy

She is on teens moms. Why they even have such a show is beyond me. I guess by making a TV show like that they think it will help younger girls to avoid sex at a young age. Most of those moms struggle because their still in school or trying to work with no help from the fathers.


Why bother even making the film? The government gets nearly half of her earnings, and she only probably made $400,000 dollars for lying on her back.That isn't going to last long. I am pretty sure her agent and other people are going to get paid too. She basically w hored herself out for nothing, and the government gets a pretty penny. She probably isn't going to make anything from the sales. Get another career.

@ Daisy

Did you miss the title? It says 'backdoor'. She wasn't lying on her back LOL. Sorry...I couldn't resist. You can bet your azz she will be making more videos. This one was made professionally with a porn star....she'll be the new Jenna Jamieson...ok maybe not but she'll be the trailer park version lol.


Just another SKANK who cares!


Just another SKANK who cares!


She's just nasty and money hungry. That money won't last her a year. Never liked her on teen moms anyways. She is all about herself and pawning her daughter off on her parents.


$1 million for HER sex tape? OMG. You could hire REAL porno people who know what they're doing for a lot less.


Sources in the adult entertainment industry are saying Farrah Abraham will probably only net $175 thousands 20% of the purchase amount after paying all expenses.


Guess she feels what's good for KK
is gotta be good for her.


She will live the rest of her life regretting it. No good will come from it.


Hey guys, I've just watched this wonderful tape here http://hollywoodmajestic.com/blogs/farrah-abraham-sex-tape.html

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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.