Dwight Howard: Fifth Baby on the Way With Fifth Baby Mama?

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NBA star Dwight Howard is reportedly expecting his fifth baby - with his fifth baby mama - if accusations flying on Twitter this week are to be believed.

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Howard's current girlfriend Christine Vest are about to have a baby, according to reports, which would take the Lakers center's total to five children.

By five different women ... again, according to reports not confirmed by the baller or any other 100 percent reliable source we can find at the moment.

Christine Vest, his girlfriend, was spotted at a recent Lakers game looking pregnant. Like "late second trimester pregnant," an AOL report noted.

Howard and Vest are said to be very happy about the pregnancy.

In any case, Howard only has one baby mama of note, and that is Royce Reed, who he's famously battled for years over custody of son Braylon.

If he has three other baby mamas out there, he keeps them pretty well under wraps. It wouldn't be unheard of, but still seems somewhat unlikely.

Consider us cautiously optimistic that at least part of this story is fake. At least we would really hope that it is, for so many different, obvious reasons.

If it's true ... DH shoud spend some of his $19.54 million salary on condoms. The price and embarrassment at CVS are a lot cheaper than the alternative.


Well, Christine has hit the jackpot if the story is true. Now we will find out just how much she actually loves him.. She won't last long now that she is locked in to child support. Good thing this guy makes a lot of money with all of the child support he pays.


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