Drew Barrymore: Women Cannot Have It All

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Speaking to Us Weekly at a fashion conference on Thursday, Drew Barrymore made some comments that may land her in trouble with feminists around the country.

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Since giving birth to daughter Olive last September, the actress said she has had to give up "so much" in her professional life in order to be a mother.

"You know that you're going to miss out on your child’s upbringing or you realize that your relationship is going to suffer if you work night and day and weekends," Barrymore said.

Barrymore has no regrets about movies she's passed on or projects she cannot produce, saying one gets "instinctual" regarding the balance of one's career and one's family life.

But she disagrees with females who claim it's plausible to take good care of a child and succeed at the top of the business game.

"Unfortunately, I was raised in this like generation of like, 'Women can have it all,' and I don’t think you can. I think some things fall off the table."

"The good news is, what does stay on the table becomes much more important."

So don't look for Barrymore to get behind the camera as a director any time soon.

But do look for her to read to her daughter each and every night.


sure. let the militants eviscerate one of their own for daring to express the most blatantly irrefutable truth in life: one must pick & choose or suffer the consequences. that really puts the onus on the individual, doesn't it? such unpleasant responsibility to see otherwise as a deception!


I agree with Drew - women can't have it all- and being a mom should be priority ... I wish more women would think like her:)


Time you spent with your child is so precious and once you miss it, it is gone forever. She is doing the right thing.


I agree with what she says, but would appreciate a little editing before publishing an article. Especially in the headline.


And as a dad, I'll add that fathers cannot have it all, either. It remains a sad secret that us, the other half, still think we can have the career, the marriage/relationship, the outside interests/hobbies and the fatherhood without something suffering. Usually, it is the kids. The fathers that turn down the 60 hr work week to spend more time with their families have a little less corporate power or maybe some percentage less of an income, but the intangibles reward them in ways our shallow society cannot yet measure.

Go og

That is why liberals now get married and have Dogs!!! They do not have the family values. They think more of their Dogs as if they were their own children.

@ Go Og

Og -- what a fitting name for a neocon mindset. Tell me again how well these 'family values' have worked out for the likes of your luminaries such as Rush. Tell me again why the Red states take in more federal welfare than the Blue states. Tell me again why having dogs somehow diminishes one's view of children. What an odd little man you must be, and angry.


She is putting her daughter first. Which is exactly what she should do. Additionally, she is going to be the Mother her Mother never was. Her priorities are right and for that I applaud her!


I agree with Barrymore. You can have it all but you can't do it all well. You have to consider what is more important to you. Wish many women would think of that BEFORE having children.

Matt mclaughlin

That seems to be the means of operation for many women; get all the education and work experience you need until age 36 when you can get married and have a child too late in life thus risking the child to down syndrome AND have ammunition for the divorce judge that your education career was sacrificed for the marriage, as if there was any chance in hell you were gunna work the whole time and not marry anybody.


I say all she is doing is placing her daughter 1st and not the lime light of show bz. I commend her for knowing what the number one job is if you have a child. That is called being a responsable parent. I salute her and wish her and her family the best...


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