Demi Lovato Goes Makeup Free, Encourages Girls to "Be Brave"

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Demi Lovato is once again using her own personal struggles to inspire other young women around the world.

The singer - who entered rehab in 2011 for an eating disorder and has been open since about self-esteem issues - Tweeted a photo yesterday of herself without any makeup and added as a caption:

“Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!”

Demi Lovato No Makeup

Lovato is doing all she can to ensure no other teenagers end up in her previous state.

She went off on Disney a couple years ago for an anorexic joke and she continues to serve as a Hollywood role model. You tell 'em, Demi!


So where's the makeup free picture then? This obviously isn't makeup free (very, very obviously). Did you post the wrong picture? Or is this what she is actually trying to pass off as her makeup free picture? Funny stuff if it is. Those aren't her natural cheeks, lips, and eyelashes. How much makeup does she usually wear if she still wears this much and tries to call it makeup free?!

@ MewmewGirl

Not sure about the cheeks.. But about eyelashes and lips..
I'm a guy. I don't use makeup. Still i have as red lips as her, and even more visible eyelashes than her.
And about the cheeks. They do tend to get reddish when you've been outside in a cold environment.

@ Robin

I agree with Robin, her lips are not just rosy but shiny too! And it's obvious she has mascara on those flashers as well ... i'll pass on the blushed cheeks.... if you're a guy who doesn't wear make up then it would be difficult to tell if make up has been applied even if it's just a dab, but we gal's who are adept at wearing make up , heavy or thin, know what we see. Not make up FREE!


She looks beautiful. Some stars look scary without makeup but she's a natural beauty :)

Carol worth

It's obvious she's not completely make-up free in this pic but she looks fine without all the "gunk." Don't care for her singing style (I'm an "old fogey" and not into the "Bieberesque" scene) but give her kudos for all she's come through. She's a winner and she looks great! ~0;-)


That's y I beat off to Vanessa hudgens total phony slut cock jockey I love that cunt bag bitch


Be brave demi and go a week without make up bet you can't do that.


I love her! I have 2 young daughters and I love her as a role model. I wish all the young stars had her heart!!!


She looks good without makeup but i wouldn't call it brave to go out NOT wearing it. There are other things that actually deserve the title of brave... but anyway, i dont wear makeup to impress anyone. I'm completely confident in my appearance. Why are we painting it out llike makeup is so awful? I wear makeup because its fun, it makes me feel feminine. There's nothing wrong with it as long as you don't pack it on like a clown. Even then though, its fun. You can still be confident and wear makeup.. not just that but she only has ONE picture maybe two without makeup.. every other 363 days of the year she has makeup on... so dont act like she's some icon because she took one picture without it. I can imagine all the skin products and treatments she had before she took that picture.. i'm just saying. Lets not make her out to be america's hero just because she put up a picture without makeup.

Orlando perez

thats why I love miami , the hotest here & even without makeup , they are still hot..!


Ugly bitch


She wasn't makeup free last night on Dancing With The Stars. Be brave Demi.

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