Debbie Rowe to Testify in Michael Jackson Case; Will She Reveal Paternity Shocker?

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With Debbie Rowe set to testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case, lawyers are wondering what she might reveal under oath about his kids' paternity.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson have been making a number of inquiries on the eve of the trial, in which the family attempts to win billions from AEG Live.

Katherine's legal team worries that Debbie will testify Michael is NOT the biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson, which has long been rumored.

Because Debbie Rowe knows the most about Jackson and the paternity issue, the family worries this could hurt their case as well as their privacy.

They're worried AEG may try to prove the two older kids don't actually have any legal ties to the late icon, which could torpedo their damage claim.

Debbie is on the witness list for both Katherine and AEG Live - the latter having already deposed her without asking a single question about paternity.

Still, Katherine's lawyers have already filed legal docs asking the judge to exclude any evidence of paternity. The judge has yet to rule on the motion.

Under California law, when a woman gives birth while married to her husband, the husband is presumed to be the father, unless he's sterile or impotent.

Kim Kardashian knows this all too well, as Kris Humphries would currently be presumed to be the father of Kanye West's baby as it stands now.

As for who the biological father actually is, if it's not Michael? His longtime friend Dr. Arnold Klein has often been the subject of speculation there.

MJ's youngest son, Blanket, was born to an unknown surrogate. The star's biological paternity has been questioned in the youngster's case as well.


Who is the father of these children? This is a moot question, as far as I am concerned. Michael was their father, and I believe, an excellent one. Nonetheless, if one is to delve into this, my opinion is such....Prince looks exactly like michael's skin doctor. Also, hids demeanor is so similar, it is uncanny. Paris looks just like her mother, so it is hard to tell; while the little one could definitely pass as a Jackson. Other than his skin colour, his features, especially the eyes, speak of Jackson....only my opinion. I truly wish these children the best...I love you, Michael, rest in peace.


I understand that the children love the father who raise them. They must know the truth that MJ and DR was not the biological parents ! They should take a fresh maternity test with DR! Test would show that is not match. Under CA law only think that , they are the biological parents because of the marriage! Debbie Rowe never had a test. She know she is not the biological mother of MJ junior and Paris.

Diane decker
@ Justica

Of course Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of the older 2 kids. She carried them. Plus Paris looks just like her. If she isn't their mother, then who is?


In all fairness to the children Michael Jackson should have talked about this issue with them. It is similar to when a white couple adopts a black, mixed race or any child of color. They have a responsibility to talk to that child about who they are. They should not skirt the issue. Michael Jackson could talk to his children in an adult fashion about everything else including his business dealings, yet he did not talk about the subject of race with them. If he is not the father these children have a right to know who their bio dad is. They may not want to see him, but at least they will know the truth. That will not change in the least bit the love and devotion they have toward Michael.

@ paris

I am sure Michael would have approached such a delicate subject in due time. I suppose he did not expect to die so young. I fear for Paris as she is showing signs of depression and rebellion. Hard to tell, though...could be a typical teenage phase. I wish these little souls the best.


The question is whether a black man with a white woman can make two children who appear to be white? In the Martin Bachir interview he said that Blanket's mom was black. And that he (Michael) was the father. So the question is whether two black people can make a child that looks as white as blanket? Another question is why Michael Jackson did not have sexual relations with Debbie Rowe as she purports? Why was she artificially inseminated like one of her thorough bred horses? Why did Michael Jackson request sperm from a number of white men? Why does at least one of the men that he requested sperm from look like the eldest two kids? This is not a case of whether a biracial child can come out looking more white than black. There are many other pieces of the puzzle that don't fit. This is the reason that paternity has been questioned. If you look at Michael Jackson's nephews and nieces most of whom are mixed, they do not look like Michael's kids. Everyone of Michael's siblings except for Rebbie who have children, have biracial children and none of them look like Michael's kids. The great grandchildren are mixed even further, with only a quarter black blood and yet they don't look as white as Michael's kids. There are 26 total of the second and third generation Jackson kids, of which 23 are mixed and not one of them look like Prince, Paris or Blanket. If you look at Jermaine's kids they look like Michael except they look mixed. All of the Jackson 23 grandchildren, who are mixed, look mixed but they definitely look like Jackson's.Why isn't the paternity of any of those grandchildren or great grandchildren being questioned? It is because the family knows that they are Jackson's. No other celebrity kids are having their paternity questioned except for Michael's children. With all this speculation that has been going on for over four years, the Jackson's won't put these questions to rest with a simple DNA test. The fact that they don't want they paternity of the three kids of Michael brought up shows they are hiding something. Although it is not the business of the public, with all these rumors that have been circulating for years regarding the paternity of the kids, one would think that these kids would have been given paternity tests. This would silence all speculation. Why won't the Jackson's do that? They put out morphed images on the internet juxtaposing Michael's pictures to that of his children, to prove they look like him. His brother writes a book talking about how much the kids look like him. A simple blood test would do, and it would squash all speculation. The reason they won't do this is because Michael Jackson is not the biological father. He was though a great father, and a father in every other sense, and ultimately that is all that matters.


The chuldren do not have to be blood related to have legal ties or be the legal heirs of Michael Jackson. (sheesh) The childrens paternity is not goign to be discused in this case and has nohting to do with this case. Stop misinforming the public with nonsense.

@ Qbee

The reason why none of the other Jackson grandchildren looks as white as Michael's kids is because he is not the biological father. Regardless of what Michael professed, it is not genetically possible. Anyone that has dabbled in genetics at university knows this. The only one that could pass as such is Blanket; but, only if the mother was not black. If I were to guess, Blanket is of hispanic heritage (he is so cute....they are all beautiful). This is not important...I would hope they are mentally and emotionally healthy....I feel for them.


Oh duh! So that's why every other post I was reading stating that kris Is presumed to be the father because he is still married to her. California Law. When people would make that comment I would be like that's crazy
She has not been with him and this and that. Actually taking up for her. And I am no way shape or form a lardashian fan.
But I hope Debbie will let sleeping dogs lie. Leave the family alone. They have been through a lot.


I wonder if the late Michael Jackson is the biological father of any of those three kids. I do not know but it is just mysterious and complicated. How sad...


These kids deserve to know who their biological parents are..especially if later on they should have any health issues. Katherine isnt looking out for these kids but for herself collecting a large salary and stipend for their care.

@ sue

Michael is Black. The two oldest children are white. Blanket is another race all together.
Debbie Rowe got her money now she should keep her fat ugly face shut.

@ critic

I agree with you on what Debbie Rowe should do. We all know that Michael Jackson is not the biological father of those 2 oldest children not because he is BLACK and the kids are white but because we all have seen the real father of those 2 kids they look like
him. I can't remember his name though. But what difference does it make Michael raised those kids and they ARE his kids. Everybody has been paid off to keep it quiet. Those kids know by now who is there biological father is. and they still say my dad
MICHAEL was a great father. Look at Victoria Rowell her daughter is white with blue eyes and she is black. So don't ever assume just because a person is black and have children that is white couldn't possible be the parents biological kids. And I am living proof of that. Both of my parents are black I have a twin sister I happen to have blue eyes and I am fair to the fairest skin. My sister is dark with brown eyes. It's called genes buddy.

@ Mae

Stupid, Victoria Rowell is half white, her mother was a white woman, her daughter is only a fourth black, so it's no surprise she looks all white.

@ sue

Why would Debbie be asked these questions in the first Dplace. Sure she was paid enough to keep quiet especially since she doesn't appear to have any emotional ties to these children. Money seems to be the motivation for all this. Obviously the adult Jacksons never can get enough. Can see why MJ distanced himself from these people.

@ Spare me

It depends on what you call black.


@Ashley Please explain Prince Jackson's vitiligo, then? He has it, and Michael had it. None of those kids look 100% white. If you think they do, you must not know many black or biracial people. Why are you saying the children are making themselves look like fools? They did not choose who they were born to. They did not choose anything. They have every right to say Michael was their biological father. After all, both Debbie and Michael remained 100% positive that Michael was the biological father.


It's obvious he was not their father. Arnold Klein is. I don;t see why this is a big deal, since he was their legal father through his marriage to Rowe. They only make themselves look like fools by continuing with this farce that he fathered them naturally.

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