Selena Gomez Backstage at Justin Bieber Concert: CONFIRMED!

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In multiple appearances over the past few weeks, Selena Gomez has said she's single.

Not only that, she told David Letterman that she made Justin Bieber cry.

She told Ellen that she was looking for a new guy to make her laugh.

But it's looking more and more like she simply cannot resist her delicious ex-boyfriend, as sources now confirm that not only did Selena land in Norway last night... she made her way straight to JB!

Selena Gomez with Straight Hair
Dancing Bieber

Following his concert in Oslo, an Us insider says Gomez was waiting for him backstage.

"They have a crazy connection," a source says of Gomez and Bieber.

"They just can't seem to break their connection. It can be intense."

The couple split at the tail end of 2012, following a fight during a vacation in Mexico.

It went down just prior to New Year's Eve and Bieber has seemingly been on a downward spiral ever since. Might Selena be the cure to whatever has ailed him? And are they officially back together?

All we can do is stay tuned, THGers! And vote in our poll:

Should Selena and Justin get back together?


she just wanted to kick him personally in his balls!!


Selena has probably just been lying to the press to seem that she's gotten over JB, but obviously, she hasn't. Desperate much...?

@ Chestur

Shes a bad person

@ Kaitline summers

How is she a bad person you ugly bitch


even if this isn't real even if they didn't meet up (im pretty sure the did) you never lose that love for you first love no matter how hard you try. you just wouldnt be able to shake the feelings


Huh! She's not over this


Selena n Justin r meant 2 b 2gether again & go on VH1's Couples Therapy.


Apearing none of you have f fallen in love hear and Ideal stop be stupid and acting like the idiots that said well he sopose to grow up when it you guys that act like kids maybe their a little bit more grown up then you guys and your just jelous you do not have or had a relationship like he does with selena wake up. They must love each other why would they keep going back to each other Why would she fly all the way to Norway if she did love him you guys or girl are just being cry babies about this let them be.


His outfits are the biggest thing that gives him away. That will not change and he loves to dressup like a young teeny bopper.


He is really so confused as to what his sexual preference is. It is not going to change that he is a gay boy and he will always be a gay boy no matter what beards he will pay for. Why can't they they just accept themselves faster and easier? Lesbianite?


Who cares, fuck these dweebs! Both of them are young idiots in love anyways. Why would anyone continue on in an on and off relationship? Because I know I wouldn't!


you guy need to grown up a little more to. You should be ashame of your shelf to call your shelf a grown up. I am his ages it a normal thing that all 19 years old goes though and you guys can't get it thought your thick head beacause it is so far up you A-hole that you stuck and a shelf ruck and you have nothing better to do to bash this teenager their some wrong with you and you need mental help. I have all kinds of friends to. He a kid ok grown up like you guys did get over you Jelous of his surcess that you didn't think of first. bye.

Ms billie
@ bobbysknight

OMG, you sound so uneducated it's unbelievable. At 19 you are young but that has nothing to do with learning to spell and write..... You shouldn't complain that others bash Bieber when you're bashing them even with your horrible spelling.

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