Billy Currington: Arrested For Elder Abuse, Making Terroristic Threats

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Grammy-nominated country star Billy Currington was detained Thursday and booked on charges of making terroristic threats and abusing an elderly person.

Billy Currington Mug Shot

The "Pretty Good at Drinking Beer" singer's bond was set at $27,000 and he is still in custody after this surprising arrest, which went down in Georgia.

The arrest reportedly stems from an April 15 incident.

At that time, a 70-year-old tour boat captain allegedly went two fares past Billy's waterfront residence, which caused the musician to scream.

When they got to a public dock, Currington hadn't cooled off. Allegedly, at that point he began verbally abusing the captain and threatening his life.

"Unfortunately, I can't comment on this situation as this is an ongoing legal matter," he Tweeted. "It means a lot to me to have your support during this time."

He did not elaborate on the matter. Not quite as shocking as the Reese Witherspoon arrest, but still not one anyone saw coming by any means.

The Jenelle Evans arrest, however ...


I love billy currington too still


I agree with the Kentucky Fan. These types of incidents happen all the time and no one gets arrested. I've been a fan for years and plan on continuing to be a fan . . . and have I said how handsome you are? Even your mug shot looks great! . . . A Western New York Fan


I think this is ridiculous. He got angry. Everyone loses their cool and says things that they don't mean. The fact that he's 70 years old and a tour boat captain means he's very well capable of taking care of himself and can handle a few words. I know several 70+ year old men who would say and do a lot worse. People are making it seem like the man was defenseless as if he was in a nursing home. And the fact that he turned himself in on a "verbal threat" makes the charges seem even more ridiculous. Just someone trying to take advantage of getting their 15 minutes of fame.


This is BS.

@ y0l0

The old prick deserved it most likely.........NOW quit making a mountain out of a mole hill!!!!! I love Billy's music and plan on stayin' a fan:)

@ Jane

I love Billy Currington!!! End of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Have a grt day!!!

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