Beyonce "Back to Black" Cover Praised By Amy Winehouse Family

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The late Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch Winehouse, is speaking out about Beyonce's new cover of "Back to Black," and false reports that he slammed it.

The song for the upcoming Great Gatsby soundtrack features Andre 3000 and prompted reports that Mitch wasn't a fan, claiming B "brings nothing" to it.

Not the case, says Mitch, who clarified his take on the song.

He tweeted: "I like Beyonce's cover and have no probs."

The Amy Winehouse Foundation tweeted that other Amy Winehouse Facebook profiles are fake and "do not represent Mitch, the family or Foundation."

It appears that Beyonce's cover (hear a snippet of it above) was a hit with the fam. "She can do another one if she wants," Amy's father went on to say.


Is nothing sacred anymore? Beyonce and Amy represent opposite sides of my musical spectrum. Beyonce, Amy hasn't even decomposed and you're already exploiting her? I really hate yo azz now. The doubt I have is gone!! Really can't stand your consciencelessness!

@ Sharney

Exploiting? LMAO. King Bey's uber talented and uber rich. She's getting NADA from this but is instead GIVING. The song was chosen by the producers of the Gatsby soundtrack because the song was perfect for the movie not because KING BEY wanted to slay it. Had this been any other artist and nothing would've been said. Glad Amy's Dad is rebuking those false reports. Beyonce did a great job as expected. Amy would've been proud as she loved Beyonce, Nas and did a remix of one of her songs with Jay.

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