Anonymous Raising Money For News Site

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Looking to expand its online news coverage, hacker collective Anonymous is raising money for a dedicated news site, using crowd-sourced funding.

An Indiegogo campaign set up by Anonymous has closed with over $54,798 in crowd-sourced funding, way more than its initial targeted funding of $2,000.

Anon Mask

The group, which currently uses its Twitter and Tumblr accounts for news, said this will be used to fund its initial development process and hosting.

The news site will be used to bring together breaking news, reports and blogs from independent reporters online under its Your Anon News branding.

Anonymous’ original campaign video said that it would provide a space for people on the ground, or ‘citizen journalists’, to be able to livestream events.

While the initial target was undoubtedly set well below the group’s predicted support, the money raised shows its the ability to wield considerable influence.

That's not news to those familiar with the collective.

In just the past couple of months, Anonymous has:

With their own site, we can expect their influence over current events - those they are personally involved in and otherwise - to increase significantly.

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