America's Got Talent Season 8: First Promo!

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America won't merely have talent this summer.

It will also have two brand new reality show judges ready to sole out the praise, the criticism and - in the case of at least one panelist - the skimpy outfits... we hope.

Yes, Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown debut on America's Got Talent June 4 and NBC has given us our first look at the model and the singer in judging action.

Check out this extended trailer now for a look at both beauties and also to see footage of a few acts, as they compete for a $1 million grand prize and a show on the Las Vegas strip:


AGT bio (past & present) on Marty Brown!
Click this link: (Includes external link to Marty Brown Facebook & Youtube account). Also, you may find on America's Got Talent rules & regulations for auditioning for the show.. A background check is completed on every contestant! I LOVE Marty Brown!! He is an incredible talented amazing big hearted humble loving man that would give you the shirt off his back! Go Get'em Marty! Can't wait til your next performance on AGT! I have re-watched your first performance on AGT 50 times. Each time my husband & I get goosebumps & cry!!


The guy named Marty Brown who made it through on AGT use to be a Country Music singer with record deal in Nashville he had videos on CMT and 3 CD's ....then he was dropped by his record label! He was arrested for CHILD ABUSE and theft! He acted on AGT like he was just a carpenter from Ky but he's been pro before and threw it all away!!!


NBC stops promoting this tranny business without true winners.

@ abe

Look this fraud Marty Brown is a PRO. He has had record deals and sung at the Grand Old Opera . This show is for amateurs and THIS A FRAUD PERPETRATED ON THE GULLIBLE AUDIENCE AND IS NOT FAIR TO REAL AMATEURS . Of course he is good HE IS A PRO . Do not let the others get screwed by this con artist acting like some red neck carpenter that just sang for his wife . He is a thief trying to steal money out of the hands of the true amateurs and the viewers need to make a stink and get him removed . I read here , to boot he has a criminal record . History is repeating itself as he tries to steal the Million . They allowed him through as he makes a good sob story for the people who do not know the truth .Now that you do , don't be a patsy . Let AGT know to cut out the shills and pros and lets find a REAL unknown .

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