American Idol Top 7 Recap: Lazaro Must Go!

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American Idol brought out the heavyweights on Wednesday: Bon Jovi. The Rolling Stones. Queen.

Which, perhaps, is why the clear Season 12 lightweight stood out even more than usual. Seriously, Lazaro Arbos must go.

He seemed woefully overwhelmed on Rock Night, especially when compared to the female favorites who continue to slay it week after week. Take Angie Miller and this cover of "Bring Me To Live," for example:

Great stuff. Same for Candice Glover on a Stones classic and Amber Holcomb making Heart proud.

Watch the rest of the performances below, vote on your favorite and please tell your friends: Arbos can't last beyond tonight.



I thought Laz did a great job! P.S. You aren't important enough to alter my vote.


I thought Lazaro was good! I know that they want to get rid of the boys so a girl can win but the audience doesn't want to be manipulated. Just let us vote and quit trying to influence the outcome. That's why their ratings are dropping.


The judges raved their approval but I was not impressed by Kree 's performance of "Piece of My Heart". Later, we found out that Kree was in pain and barely able to sing -- thanks for noticing, Keith! Many contestants who sing Janis Joplin songs seem to think that it is enough to shout the song as loudly as possible. They miss the point. Janis was loved because she sang the songs with genuine warmth. That means singing the song slowly, not rushing to get to the end as Kree did last night. Janis was also a playful character. Last night, Kree sang the song in a dead-serious monotone. That is not the way Janis would have sung it! Janis was mischievous! She played with the audience! Candice is the woman who should have sang "Piece of My Heart". Candice would have hit it out of the park. Glover's rendition of "Satisfaction" was fabulous, but that song, I think, would have suited Kree better.


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