Amanda Bynes: Leave Me Alone or I'LL SUE ALL OF YOU!

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Amanda Bynes has had it up to HERE with the celebrity gossip world.

Today, the 27-year-old actress vowed to sue anyone reporting that she is exhibiting "erratic behavior" and/or claiming she is "living my life wrong in anyway."

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics

"I'm suing every blog, magazine, news source that's saying I'm doing anything wrong 'erratic behavior' is not me!" she wrote in an uncharacteristically long Tweet.

She then put some specific offenders on notice.

"I'm suing In Touch, Us Weekly, Perez Hilton," the star declared, "for hiring paparazzi who follow me and then taking the worst photos with the worst angles."

Uhh, Amanda, they don't ... you know what, forget it.

"I'd like to put up their worst photos on my twitter," she adds. "Until they only start putting up my twitter photos when writing a story when there is NO story."

She really hates articles in with "awful photos" of her, FYI.

Amanda Bynes Instagram Pics

"They say I have erratic behavior when I do NOTHING WRONG," she adds. "There's NOTHING with my life, other than you putting up awful candid photo after photo."

"Please follow me on twitter then look forward to be sued if you if say I have erratic behavior or am living my life wrong in anyway."

Just to clarify, THG thinks there is NOTHING WRONG with:

Nothing. Nothing at all.

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Oh, P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!! If that annoying and whiny-ass Amanda Bynes wants to be left alone, then she ought to S-T-O-P doing and saying crazy-ass things in public that constantly attract attention 24/7. STUPID BITCH!!!!!


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Jay Z DOES have an ugly face...nothing wrong or crazy for saying that!


Someone needs to help her, her bizarre behaviour is a real red flag


Good job THG with your sarcastic bit saying there is nothing wrong with getting your face pierced. Clearly I as well am in the wrong and am also having a breakdown for ever getting a piercing.