Zoanette Johnson Terrifies, Divides American Idol Fans

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American Idol Season 12 has named its 20 semifinalists.

And it looks like one of them will be the most polarizing contestant since Adam Lambert.

Along with Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur and 7 others, Zoanette Johnson has moved on to the Top 10, with the judges on Wednesday night gushing over her theatrical rendition of The Lion King's "Circle of Life."

Your spirit is too big to be contained! Mariah Carey gushed.

Kudos to the queen of the jungle, Keith Urban praised.

But not all fans felt the same. As Idol moves to America voting, we ask: Where do you stand on Zoanette Johnson?

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Yep - Love her, or hate her, she will stick around for a while because she's an entertainer. Every time she performs, I get ready to hate her, and I end up rooting for her instead. Every. Single. Time. She livens up the show!