Wealth Inequality Video Goes Viral, Stirs Debate

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When you hear "viral video," you probably associate it with the Harlem Shake or a swimming cat, rather than an examination of American wealth inequality.

Clearly, this is not your typical viral video.

This six-and-a-half-minute-long examination of “Wealth Inequality In America” was created a few months ago, but is being rapidly shared this afternoon. Why?

The message that United States wealth distribution is very uneven is something even most mildly informed people are aware of - and think sucks.

Its anonymous creator said he was struck by the economics and wanted to find a good way of visualizing it. Reddit and Mashable apparently approved.

What’s clever about the video is that it uses our familiarity with the subject as a rhetorical weapon - what we think inequality looks like vs. reality.

Then we also learn what people say they wish it looked like - still unequal and far from socialism, but less alarming. Definitely food for economic thought.


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Wealth inequality? Every year I pay around $3,000.00 to the treasury department n taxes I owe, after so much in taken out of my paycheck. The inequality rests with the individuals, who don't work, sit on their lazy asses, and get free money from the government, which is run by an inept President. Maybe those poor people, are just inferior, and not really lazy pos, who play the system.

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